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Picture was taken at the Yorvik Centre, York, England.  We visited and it was a very good couple of hours spent.



I don’t intend to link or provide anything that will directly provide views to anything surrounding this drama unless I believe it has a positive effect, as a person who has a blog that covers darker subject matters I do however feel that I should address the situation and explain why.¬†Firstly, if I spend more than ten minutes with something rattling in my brain it seems only productive to be releasing that to the wild.


On my blog I have featured subjects that are sensitive, I hope and pray that I have always tried to address my subjects with respect where it is needed and deserved. I’ve been around dead bodies, I have not taken pictures, they cannot give me their permission. It is however down to a family to decide what they think that person might think or do given personal circumstance.


We live in the digital age, before that people still did share photographs of their dead, a whole plethora of Victorian images can easily be picked up on that matter. People take pictures of their deceased, professionals seek pictures of the dead for shock, exploitation and even, lets be honest, their own personal enthusiasm on the subject.


The reason this is news in regards to Logan Paul, in my opinion, is not that there is a body involved but the manner under which it was handled. I think that the medium of how it is shared is just as important, you can search up bodies on Everest and all manner of things, or even look up a variety of things you want online but it was his delivery that seems to have caused an uproar. The body was that of a man who had taken his life, and it was clearly a fairly recent event.


I wish the person that was found the peace he felt he needed, I hope his family can seek support and I hope that if you are affected by this matter you seek help too.¬† Don’t shy away from the discussion if you need to reach out. Trust me, I’ve been there. You need help – you are not weak for asking, you are actually showing a great deal of strength. You are seeking a release from something that is hurting, you cannot feel release without coming out the other side and I would like to think you do.


Let’s not dwell on his mistakes, let’s not argue if his apology was false or not. If you want to help then you can donate to suicide helplines or even just ask someone you know who is feeling low “how are you?” These are things that you can do.