I don’t intend to link or provide anything that will directly provide views to anything surrounding this drama unless I believe it has a positive effect, as a person who has a blog that covers darker subject matters I do however feel that I should address the situation and explain why. Firstly, if I spend more than ten minutes with something rattling in my brain it seems only productive to be releasing that to the wild.


On my blog I have featured subjects that are sensitive, I hope and pray that I have always tried to address my subjects with respect where it is needed and deserved. I’ve been around dead bodies, I have not taken pictures, they cannot give me their permission. It is however down to a family to decide what they think that person might think or do given personal circumstance.


We live in the digital age, before that people still did share photographs of their dead, a whole plethora of Victorian images can easily be picked up on that matter. People take pictures of their deceased, professionals seek pictures of the dead for shock, exploitation and even, lets be honest, their own personal enthusiasm on the subject.


The reason this is news in regards to Logan Paul, in my opinion, is not that there is a body involved but the manner under which it was handled. I think that the medium of how it is shared is just as important, you can search up bodies on Everest and all manner of things, or even look up a variety of things you want online but it was his delivery that seems to have caused an uproar. The body was that of a man who had taken his life, and it was clearly a fairly recent event.


I wish the person that was found the peace he felt he needed, I hope his family can seek support and I hope that if you are affected by this matter you seek help too.  Don’t shy away from the discussion if you need to reach out. Trust me, I’ve been there. You need help – you are not weak for asking, you are actually showing a great deal of strength. You are seeking a release from something that is hurting, you cannot feel release without coming out the other side and I would like to think you do.


Let’s not dwell on his mistakes, let’s not argue if his apology was false or not. If you want to help then you can donate to suicide helplines or even just ask someone you know who is feeling low “how are you?” These are things that you can do.



Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2018 in Unusual Findings

I would really like to take a moment to thank everyone that signed up to follow my random musings, to anyone that’s randomly passed me by or put in a little link or social media share so that others can join in the fun too.

Overall I love writing and investigating these things. I have also tried of late to put in more source materials to allow armchair enthusiasts like myself to look into things more.

I hope that you still enjoy it now! If you are still part of the Christmas Celebrations and have yet to hit your New Year then let me wish you the best times from here, to then and moving forwards.

Once again thank you.

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A minor island of Naples, Italy, that sits in a protected region of the Gaiola Underwater Park, the island consists of two islets with one that has a solitary villa and the other is uninhabited. There is a small narrow bridge connecting the two.

It was originally known as Euplea and had a small temple to Venus on it. There do seem to be other ruins and under the water beneath there are more that are now the homes for various marine creatures. Some people believe that the poet Virgil taught at the ruins too. In the 19th Century a hermit, known as the Wizard, resided there and soon after there came the construction of the villa. It was at one point owned by an author, Norman Douglas. It is a serene place and a getaway island for someone but is currently abandoned and here are some tales about it.

In the 1920’s a Swiss named Hans Braun owned the island, he was found murdered and wrapped up in a rug. Not long after his wife drowned in the sea. The next owner was German Otto Grunback, he died of a heart attack on the island, (really not unusual for someone to go that way). Another owner, German, Baron Karl Paul Langheim then dragged himself into economic ruin by his ‘wild living’ and another owner was the head of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli. His only son committed suicide.

The last in a series of owners who had tragedy in their midst was Gianpasquale Grappore, he was placed in jail when his insurance company failed. The rumours are that the island is cursed. It could just be that it is a series of high profile people who’s lives have had a lot of media attention bringing fuel to the tales. What do you think?

Isoletta della Gaiola (Napoli) 02.jpg
By Gianfranco Vitolo – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gianfrancovitolo/38093974021/, CC BY 2.0, Link


The title related to a local Pittsburgh legend, a man called Charlie-No-Face. The story is that he was the employee of a power company and a downed power line disfigured him to the point that he would hide in an abandoned house. The story elaborates that he has a hole in his cheek and green skin. This ghostly tale of his sightings actually had a more natural and somewhat sadder explanation.

Raymond Robinson was born 29th October 1910, he died 11th June 1985. When Ray was 8 years old he was injured by an electrical line, on the Morado Bridge, when he tried to view a birds nest. The bridge carried a trolley and the electrical lines were 1,200 and 22,000 volts worth. The lines had killed another boy less than a year before.

The poor child was not expected to survive but he did, he suffered terrible scarring, lost his eyes, nose and one ear and one of his arms. He lived with his family in Koppel and made doormats, belts and wallets. His appearance meant that he would rarely venture outside during the day but he did go for walks along the quiet stretch of State Route 51, using a walking stick.

Locals would regularly gather up and search for him along the road, he would quite often hide from them but on occasion he would engage in conversation. Some of these people were inevitably cruel but that didn’t stop him from taking his walks. He had been struck by cars on more than one occasion and yet only stopped his walks in the later years of his life. He retired to the Beaver Country Geriatric Centre, at aged 74 years-old.


Pic courtesty of Wikipedia – creative commons.

It is a cemetery in the Gorbal’s district, Glasgow, Scotland and was opened in 1840 to provide more affordable burials; there are over 250,000 burials there on various layers of the place. The Old Gorbals cemetery was vastly overcrowded, this is not unusual for the time period, London and many major cities around the UK were opening more graveyards to compensate for the lack of space in those already established.

The proposals for a new cemetery started in 1839 and the following year the land was purchased and the first burial commenced. The first soul laid to rest there was 16-month old and occurred 21st July 1840. The three sections opened as follows: Central in 1840, Eastern in 1846 and Western in 1850. In 1954 the cemetery suffered from a large group of children who were committed to hunting down a vampire that they believed was buried in the cemetery. The incident sparked it’s own urban legend, a vampire had killed two children. The influence for this was blamed on American horror comics like Tales from the Crypt, despite no evidence for the reason being the comics the moral outrage led to an increased comic censorship.

23rd September 1954 PC Alex Deeprose was called out and expected to deal with a case of vandalism, instead he was met with hundreds of children from around 4 years old up to 14. They were armed with sticks and knives and were patrolling around inside the cemetery. They told the constable that they were looking for a 7 foot tall vampire, with iron teeth and had that he had kidnapped and eaten two local boys.

The rumours started in the playground, and there was a Chinese whisper emerging that they were going to head out there after school. At three o’clock that day the school emptied and children headed to the graveyard, gathering around the walls. Some were too scared to go in and stayed outside. There were no records of missing children at the time and the only blame they could come up with – comics.

Newspapers at the time took the tale and ran with it, the children turned up a second evening running and the headmaster of a local school had told them it was a ridiculous tale and eventually had the crowd dispersed.

Some of the other people in the area pointed out that they had got little reason to blame comics, after all the children were taught the bible. Daniel 7.7 specifically mentions a monster with iron teeth in it. The political frenzy however meant blaming comics was far more convenient. A local man explained that they would threaten the local children with the Iron Man before then, it was meant to be a sort of bogeyman affair but the political agenda against the comics made a better fit for the reason.

The cemetery is now operated by Glasgow City Council and is protected as a listed Category B building with the entrance listed as Category A. The cemetery also has 11 Commonwealth burials.

Glasgow. Southern Necropolis. Thomas Lipton's grave