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In India this is a deserted town with some 10000 properties, established in 1613 by Madho Singh, it was abandoned soon after it was built as it was supposedly cursed by a magician. The fort is a very intact view of the medieval part and whilst the town was desolate following and old Mighal invasion it is looking like it may become inhabited again. For now however it seems that it is still busy with people.

The board tells people that there is no entering the borders before sunrise and after sunset, and those that have visited have often come back with reports to say that it is a very eerie place.

Madho Singh built it with approval of Baba Balanath who meditated near there, he predicted however that the moment a shadow of the place should touch him he would be undone. The city would be no more should he be touched by the presence of Bangarh. 

The grandson of Madho, Ajab, was ignorant of this however and raised the palace to a height that the shadow went to the forbidden place. This led to the devastation of the town.