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Well this one has been on the radar a while (yeah shoot me bad puns etc) but I thought it might be interesting to add to the list. I have had a search around the internet and found a few interesting facts about it. So here goes…

The story is that The Black Knight is a satellite that orbits the earth, and it is around 13,000 years old too! The story seems to have originated in 1954 when newspapers ran a report of two satellites orbiting earth had been detected, at this stage there was not meant to be the technology for our planet to do this so speculation began.

A photograph in 1988 was claimed to show the ‘alien artefact’, or perhaps what might be space debris from a previous attempt at sending machinery into space. However my thoughts on the latter contradict the idea we could not send that type of technology out… the first launch we know of was Sputnik in 1957.

Nikola Tesla was said to have intercepted a signal from the thing back in 1899. A HAM radio operator was said to have decoded a series of radio signals from TBK and interpreted it has a star-chart centred on the Epsilon Bootes star system. It is also where the information about it being 13,000 years ago seems to have originated too. It’s said that the radio signals had been picked up for around 50 years as well.

Whatever it was in the 1960’s has been located in Polar Orbit and was calculated to be over 10 tons of weight, making it one very heavy object and if man/alien made one of the largest ever created. NASA have also released images and this has spurred more interest in it, no one (or thing) has claimed to own it.

What makes it harder to wade through information like this is that so many projects use the name, for instance as Skeptoid points out, 22 UK launches between 1958-1965 gives you an idea. Tesla also did get radio signals but they were not from the satellite they were from space, Pulsars… giant deep space sources of pulsing radio signals. Duncan Lunan did not get a message from the satellite about the Epsilon Bootes star system either, it was collected from LDE radio reflections that allows him to build the map.

It seems that the Black Knight satellite is really more of an amalgamation of already quite interesting facts.

Black Knight Satellite

A quick tea-break read, the lighthouse existed from 1889-1960 and was in Chesapeake Bay, it was notable for an unexplained death and having suffered from friendly fire. It was dismantled in 1960 and replaced by an automated beacon.

Ulman Owens was found dead 31st March, 1931. He was found dead at the station with blood and signs of a struggle, yet no wounds were found on the body and the subsequent cause of death was listed as natural. Investigators found that he had been unwell in the days before his death, and there was a chance he had suffered a fit which killed him. However, a report from a local captain says that he saw a vessel cruising without it’s running lights in the area. There was a suggestion it might have been a rum runner and a later autopsy revealed Owens had a cracked skull. It is possible that he was subjected to a violent end. However the cause of natural death has remained as the autopsy also revealed an enlarged heart which suggested a heart attack.

The US Navy regularly used the nearby hulk of an old ship, Hannibal, for target practise. 19th February, 1957, 3 of the ASDN Skyraiders bombed the light mistaking it for Hannibal. It did enough damage to have to have the four keepers removed until the damage was repaired.


HollandIslandBarLight” by Original uploader was AlbertHerring at en.wikipedia – Image taken from Coast Guard website. Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

July 1947, for alien conspiracy claims this is the cracker!

A rancher found metal debris on the ground outside his place in Roswell, New Mexico. America was gripped in ‘flying saucer fever’, the claims were rapidly dismissed by officials as debris from a weather balloon in an accident.

But the alien craft and bodies had supposedly already been taken away, witnesses spoke of holes in the desert grounds, of covert ops to bring the ship down to ground and then in 1995 the mysterious Roswell autopsy video surfaced. The video shows the supposed ‘grey’ alien being autopsied. There are enough video’s around about the debunk vs authenticity that you can probably google a fair whack in a night.

Despite the US Air Force still stating that it was a weather balloon the rumours carry on to this day.

In 2006 the video was finally proven to be a hoax, the video was made by Ray Sentilli who was a London-based video maker. He admitted that it was a reconstruction of a video that he claimed originally existed however that was lost, he stated that there were a few of the original films in survival however they don’t seem to have been brought forwards for checking.

If you are looking for a comedic look at this with some terribly English humour, then Alien Autopsy is a good light relief film.

A fictionalized version of the creation of the footage and its release was retold in the comedy film Alien Autopsy (2006).

Warning – Very Sad!!

This is a tragic tale (and I will advise you that searching online gets some sadly upsetting pictures) of a young boy whose murderer was never identified. The young man himself was around 4-6 years old and was found in a cardboard box Feb 25th, 1957.

A young man was checking his muskrat traps, fearing the police would remove the traps he never reported the sighting of the dead boy. The body lay in  a blanket, inside a box for a few more days until a college student was driving that way. The student spotted a rabbit running into the bushes and stopped the car to check it was not caught in the traps. What he found was the body and after deliberation he reported it the next day.

Despite print-outs of the poor boy being distributed and large campaigns, no information about him came forwards. Theories have been abundant and stories about his conspirators letting him wind up where he did. Regardless of this the case remains unsolved.

The story and all attempts to find out more about the young man are documented about the web, the boy in the box has become a spot on America’s Most Wanted, has it’s place in Cold Case, CSI and Law & Order:SUV

Rest in peace little man, the murderer(s) surely will not.

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