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In 1981, Keddie in Nothern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, USA, was a quadruple homicide that took place in the late evening of 11th April or in the early hours of the 12th. The victims were Glenna Sue Sharp (36), her daughter Tina (12), her son John (15) and his friend Dana Wingate (17). Tina was determined to have gone missing some time after the crime had been discovered. Her skull and several bones were recovered from Camp Eighteen, California in Butte County and as of yet no arrests have been made. In 2004 several cabins, including 28, were demolished because they had been condemned.

Sue’s (Glenna Sue) oldest daughter, Sheila, had stayed with her next-door neighbour in cabin 27 on the night of the murders and went round to find the terrible discovery the next morning. Sue’s two young sons and their friend had been in a sleep over that night and were found uninjured that morning, apparently having not been disturbed by the carnage in the nearby room.

She had been renting the cabin with her five children since November 1980 and on that night was home with her daughter Tina, the young boys and their friend Justin. Her oldest son and his friend Dana had been nearby in Quincy and came over to stay the night. They had been seen that night hitchhiking from Quincy to Keddie and it’s entirely possible the crime was in progress when they arrived.

All three of the victims initially found were tied with medical tape and electrical appliance wire, Tina was later found missing once they had determined who was there and who the victims were. They had been bludgeoned with a claw hammer and both Sue and John had been repeatedly stabbed including in their throats. It was a terrible massacre and they found a bent steak knife that had been used, the force of the attack had caused the damage to the knife.

By 1984 the case had gone cold but they then found a portion of Tina’s skull recovered near Camp Eighteen, around 29 miles from the Keddie site. An anonymous called to the Butte County Sheriff’s department claimed that the skull was hers and the area was searched again. The jawbone and dozens of other bones were found, along with what might have been other evidence. Sadly despite this and the local media coverage nothing new has been discovered and the crime remains unsolved.

Keddie murders suspects

Japanese immigrants brought the legend with them to Hawaii, the legend is of the faceless creature. In Japan a famous Mujina was Kozo, he took the form of a monk and would travel the roads at night, he would ask passers by for tea or water.

In 1959 at a drive-through in Kahala, Hawaii, a woman was reported to have come into contact with one of these creatures. The local woman went to the restroom and noticed a red-headed lady brushing her hair. She got close enough to see the woman had no facial features, she had to be treated at the hospital for a nervous breakdown over the event.

A local radio show host, Glen Grant, picked up the story and gave it to his listeners in 1981. The woman involved called up to recount the tale and told him the previously unreported detail about the red hair, since then it seems other witnesses have come forward about the Mujina.

A story about the Mujina here.



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Well let it not be said I am anything but a little out of date when it comes to the Men In Black! And despite it being old it sounded pretty darned interesting. An Urban Legend about video games and MIB sounded just too fun to walk past. The game is named after Polybius the Greek historian, and for those more academic probably know of the Polybius Square.

So in 1981 the game was released into the world, and it made players go insane, suffer horrific nightmares or even led to suicidal tendencies. Now apparently a short time after being released this game disappeared  there’s little proof I can find that says it existed, however it is said to be a Tempest-like game (gamers that ones over to you).

The game turned up in several suburbs of Portland, Oregan in 1981m it was popular to the point of addiction (gah Tetris you stole my soul! ) and there would be lines formed around the machines, some of which could end up in violent outbursts over who played next. Supposedly they were also followed around by Men in Black who were interested in the effects of this game. Some players supposedly stopped playing and then end up complete anti-gaming activists.

Looking for more information? The creator is supposed to be Ed Rotberg, and in the legend the name of the company is Sinnesloschen, or close to that, which they say to be either some secret organisation or a codename for Atair, either way they say the gameplay is like Tempest (shoot ’em up) and contains subliminal messages.

Think it might have died down? Well apparently not! In 2011 someone claimed to have found an arcade machine with it on in Newport, Oregon but soon after the reports surfaced it disappeared. In October 2012 it was apparently in a lineup of games in Barcade, Brooklyn, New York… whilst claimed to be an original it was soon given up as a Halloween joke.

 A website mash up for Polybius – Enter at your own risk etc etc, you can download a copy of the game apparently. Perhaps I will! If this blog should end abruptly… *winks*