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The village is the only official ghost town in Poland, it is in the voivodeship of West Pomeranian and abandoned, as of 1993. It was originally a German training ground for a branch of Nazi’s and then after World War II, a base for the Red Army, only existing on Russian Military maps thanks to that. Once they withdrew in 1993 it became vacant.

Originally the area was a small settlement, Westfalenhoft, and in the 1930’s the Wehrmacht planners built a large military base. A polish newspaper from the 1939 reported the numbers of personnel at 600,000. In the Autumn of 1939 the German’s then opened a POW camp at the site, by November 1939 there were 6,000 Polish soldiers and 2,300 Polish civlians. It was renamed to Oflag II D Gross-Born in June, 1940 and was used for French Officers and Polish POW’s from the other camps. Westfalenhoft was eventually taken over by the Red Army in January 1945. It was officially Polish territory but it was occupied and held by the Soviet Union. The Polish were not allowed entry, it was renamed Grodek and the village was not named on Polish maps.

The parts of the base not needed were razed by Red Army servicemen, the base had around 6,000 Russian soldiers. The debris from the village was sent back to Warsaw, used to help rebuild the city. When it was vacated as part of the collapse of the Soviet Union the area was handed back to the Polish. It was guarded by the Polish army for a year, after which it was handed over to civilian authorities.

There was an attempt to sell the area for redevelopment but it did not happen, there were other suggestions like turning it into a drug rehabilitation centre, or perhaps a prison but it’s also worth noting anything of monetary value has already been looted. In 2011 I found reference to five residents but there is no bus route there and the nearest shop is 4km away, so it’s not likely to be a cosy place to stay.

I first came across notes about the area on a show called Stupid Man, Smart Phone. Whilst it is a ghost town it is not abandoned and is regularly visited, and seems to be a tourist spot for some. Have you been?

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I am not entirely sure that this would count for my “paranormal” but it’s surely an interesting story, regarding mass death and indeed about the general events. And a slightly creepy aftermath…

 11th November, 2000 saw the disaster in the tunnel of Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 funicular, Austria, claim the lives of 155 people, it left only 12 survivors from the burning train. They were 10 Germans and 2 Austrians, the train was carrying skiers on their way to the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier.

 The train service opened in 1947, and was modernized in 1993. There were two trains that worked simultaneously taking passengers up and down. The train could carry up to 180 passenfers, There were no smoke detectors on board, as it was felt (by Professor Joseph Nejez) that fires could not be an issue on the train. Oh how wrong was he!?

 161 passengers and one conductor boarded the train and the electric fan heater in the unattended cabin at the lower end of the train caught fire. The fire melted the fluid in the brake system, the train then halted unexpectedly 600 meters into the tunnel as a built in safety feature. The passengers had begun to try and get out of the train, 12 people left on the advice of a former firefighter there.

 By the time all this was coming to light, people were already unconscious thanks to the toxic fumes, and the conductor was unable to open any further doors. Those trapped inside were taken out by the smoke, and eventually the fire itself. Two fleeing workers from the Alpine Center mistakenly left their exit doors adding fuel to the situation, of four that tried to escape the center they were only able to save one.

 The furnicular was not opened again, instead it was replaced by a gondola lift and the stations were abandoned. The tunnels have been sealed and remain unused to this day, with the victims of the disaster that they could not fully recover left in a bizarre and macabre grave.

“Kaprun train” by Original uploader was Arpingstone at en.wikipedia – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –