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The Hypogeum of Paolo, Malta is a subterranean structure from 3000-2500 BC. It may originally have been a sanctuary but became a necropolis and the remains of some 7,000 and more individuals have been found.

In 1980 the World Heritage List was updated to contain the Hypogeum, after restoration in the 1990’s the site has since re-opened and allows for entry for 60 people a day.

The structure was discovered in 1902 by accident when building workers broke through into the roof of the complex.

If you want to go and see this piece of history when you are in the area it is suggested that you book your tickets well in advance.

Photo Ellis Hal Salflieni” by Richard Ellis décédé en 1924 – domaine public. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Ghosts of the ancient Roman’s are quite often referred to as Shades, and were honoured by festivals throughout the year; a little like our Halloween or Day of the Dead in modern culture.

Umbrella (Umbrae) was the ghosts species, and there were several types listed in the texts.

Manes – benevolent, they harassed the souls of the dead in the Underworld. These may (according to Pliny) have been the souls of those who died prematurely, violently or both.

The days for propitiating the dead were done with beans. One celebration for the shades was said to come from Remina, a festival brought about by Romulus to appease the shade of his murdered brother Remus.