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One of the most famous areas of the air base in Okinawa, Japan, is building 2283. The building is a single-unit family home that is sat in the residential area for mid-grade officers and a day care centre sits next to it. It stopped being used for it’s main function some time ago, now it is uninhabited and serves as a storage facility.

Tour guides in the area tell about the murder of former residents, about the water facets or lights turning on and off of their own accord. Another story tells of a Samurai apparition that rides through the house, and another of a woman who has been seen washing her hair in the utility sink.

Despite little to no evidence of the deaths at the building the horror stories continue. One of them also includes the story about a teenage girl that was stabbed to death by her step-father, and as an island with a vast history for those in the area it’s not surprise they continue to surface.

A tomb across the street from the house is said to be that of an old Okinawa Samurai, perhaps that area was part of the same estate in days gone by and that might be an explanation as to where the story has risen from.

Michigan hosts a 78ft lighthouse that went into active service in 1892. Captain Joseph Willie Townsend is said to haunt the lighthouse, a former keeper who seems to have stayed on. He died in the keeper’s house in the early 1900’s, and it was said they could not bury his body for some time. He was left there in the downstairs parlor until the relatives could be gathered for his service. His wife had never let him smoke in the house and so he is said to happily smoke where he pleases now.

Staff and visitors alike reported the smell of cigar smoke, and staff report that chairs etc have been found moved. A man of unknown origin has also been seen peeing in through the windows when no one should have been around outside. There has also been relocated silverware on the dining table and apparitions reported in the mirror of an upstairs dresser.

Marilyn Fischer was part of the founding of the historical society and believes it to be haunted, when she visits she has to leave both of her dogs outside as they refuse to enter the property.

It is open to visitors and has a facebook page.


An old burial ground was used up until 1896 in Kingston, Ohio. It was known as the Garrison Burial Ground and used for the fort St Frontenac, by French traders. Today it’s known as the McBurney Park.

There are French and English soldiers buried here from 1819 onwards, originally it was used for the townsfolk during a cholera epidemic. Since 1654 it’s believed there are around 10,000 souls from varying church denominations buried there.

It was derelict when it was abandoned in 1896, the houses nearby were full of unhappy residents who complained to the city. The city officials made it into a park and they began to dig up the bodies. The smell was too horrific and there were concerns about it’s buried residents being disturbed and so in the end they left them. The land was ploughed over and the headstones removed.

When they do work on an area they have to stop regularly as bones and headstones surface. If it happens they also have to get in an archaeologist. So there’s some reason to list the reports given to the dead being unhappy at being disturbed.

There have been reports of apparitions, shadowy figures, light anomalies and disembodied voices.  It is said the local houses also report activity, with objects moving on their own, alongside apparitions and lights switching on and off.

There’s a nice tale attached that if you go to the park on the night of a full moon, the park is replaced by the vision of the old graveyard where you can see spirits full of cuts and wounds.

One of my favourite photographers is Simon Marsden, to say his images are haunting is one of many things I would say. His absolutely stunning images inspire me to write and look at mysteries.

Netly Abbey is one such place.

A visit to Netly Abbey in Hampshire would not only be good if you like a wonderful sight but you might even come across reported ghosts from the place too.

A Cistercian monk is said to roam the area and a former abbot have had a sighting. A nearby derelict site also has also had it’s involvement with reports of faint chanting.

Legend has it that Walter Taylor was a contractor brought in to demolish the church, before he was due to start work he had a dream that he would be punished if he committed sacrilege by damaging it. During the demolishing work Walter was killed by falling debris.

Still not sated? Okay lets try another one! It’s also said that the Abbey once stored contraband and that a curse was laid down by a Guardian of the Treasure, Blind Peter. He has a curse for anyone that tries looking.

“This was once my home. I was a proud and loyal servant. Nobody but a  member of our order will lay claim to the treasure that might be buried here. Since my death I have guarded this place but you will only see me on Halloween.”

Apparently the treasure it buried at the end of a long tunnel. Now apparently a warning tale comes with this, Slown is the man said to have tried to find it and he was frightened to death by what he found.

(I’m not sure how seriously a ghost would take threatening on Halloween, seems a bit fishy to me!)