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The Romanian forest claims to be the most haunted forest in the wood. At 20 hectares the forest is sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Triangle. Visitors to the area often report feelings of anxiety or like they are being watched. This was one of the things covered by Ghost Adventures when they visited, and yes you can laugh, I still watch because they go to places I want too. Shame on me?

The forest was named after a shepherd, he apparently disappeared with a flock of two hundred sheep. Now not only that but in the 1960’s the forest gained another event of a note, a biologist Alexandru Sift who snapped a UFO in the sky above the forest. August 18th 1968, Emil Barnea captured something too and by the 1970’s it was a hotspot for sightings.

It is also said it could be a gateway to another dimension and another local story says that a 5 year old got lost and wandered into the woods before disappearing. 5 years later she came out untarnished and in the same clothes. There is no clear indicator in regards to when this happened however.

How about the ghost of murdered Russian peasants? The souls of the unfortunates are trapped and angered by their predicament. Still not convinced? What about an area where there is no vegetation even though research suggests there is nothing in the soul to cause it.

Strange noises, UFO’s, voices, vortex’s, disappearances, rashes and scratches on visitors and more! If you visit and experience anything I’d love to hear it!

An island that is only accessible by boat, it’s a small Bahamian Island and it’s most prominent feature is it’s lighthouse.

The lighthouse was erected in 1859 and rumours, from some, say that when there is a full moon strange noises are heard on the island. In the late 19th Century local lore says an infant was the only survivor of  a shipwreck on the island. A Grey Lady, the mother, is said to be so distraught that she roams the island. She waits in sorrow and vain during the full moon.

4th August, 1969 two of the keepers abandoned the island, they were never found. Some claim that they were taken by the Bermuda Triangle. It might not have been such a mystery however, as Hurricane Anna passed close by at that time.

It is currently said to be possible for the public to visit.

A nice link for information. 

I am fairly sure if you are passing through this site you have heard of the Bermuda triangle.   So this story will likely be familiar but I found it and was interested in it’s topic so would like to share it.

The triangle is an area located around Miyake Island about 100 km south of Tokyo. As with many things that of this nature I have noted that the size and exact location varies.

The area is said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps. According to Charles Berlitz (American Linguist and teacher) he states that during the peacetime years between 1952-1954 Japan lost 5 military vessels and crew. The government sent out researchers and that ship vanished, finally the area was declared a danger zone.

Of course I am throwing in a little realism here, I suspect that many of the “missing” vessels have actually been fishing vessels and many of them disappear without a trace outside of these triangles.  But I should also mention that there has been mention of UFO’s and therefore other conspiracies linked to hiding the disappearing vessels.