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The motorway is the longest in the UK and so I would guess if it was going to harbour ghosts it had plenty of places under which it could produce a creepy experience. A reported sighting that came in was a ghostly hitchhiking lady, this seems to relay well into many of the classic hitching ghostly folk around the area of Urban legends but again there’s nothing to say it couldn’t happen.

If that isn’t enough to worry you pay attention on the long travel down the M6 as there has been a phantom lorry that was travelling along the wrong side of the carriageway.

Even the toll section’s had a rather intriguing claim where ghostly sightings of Roman Troops have been seen. A lady, Sue Cowley, from Warwickshire filled in a survey about the sightings saying that she had witnessed upright shadows of man walking through the tarmac like it was water. Not surprisingly with a road that goes through so much of the country that a few spooks would find their way on to it.

High Street and Suffield Road, Great Yarmouth.
I’d say some sightings could be put down to sun exposure on the beach but this is England and I am realistic. Ghosts are more likely than heat mirages here!
On both of these roads a phantom dog-like thing with long legs has been spotted running along at a fair speed only to end up with it disappearing into thin air. (sounds like my old greyhound).

This twisted and windy road in Wales seems to have a Guardian Angel. A lady was driving home late one night and heard a voice to advise her to pull over. She pulled over in shock to the grass verge and then only a short space after a car came the wrong side of the road with no lights. Had she not have stopped she would have been in a serious accident.

Highlands A9

A more serene spotting on the ghostly roads of England appears to be one drivers report often too. Lock Bhuie has been reported to sport a Victorian Coach with very ornate detail driven by white horses. Apparently the coach is accompanied by bewigged footmen in the full period attire.

Of course the whole carriage seems a little too flamboyant for one of the Victorian ghosts, shoe has been spotted riding a white horse along the road, then suddenly he’s appeared further down it far too quickly to have been natural.

Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog that is said to roam the countryside of East Anglia. The name may have been derived from the Old English of Scucca (demon) or the local dialect word Shucky meaning hairy.

Shuck is one of many ghostly dogs along the British Isles. He has been recorded as an omen of death, or sometimes as a companiable animal, it is classified as a cryptid.

Inhabitants of England report that he dogs have red or green demonic eyes. The size of Shuck varies from a large dog to nearly the size of a cow. Dr Simon Sherwood suggests that the earliest account comes from an incident recorded for the Peterborough Chronicles in 1127.

In 1577 his appearance at Bungay and Blythburgh secured the famous legend and made him part of the iconography of the area.

The Holy Trinity Church has 18 pairs of carved and painted angels hanging from the roof beams. Another interesting part of the Church is the North Door, it has scorch marks on it which, it is claimed, was made by the Black Dog that appeared before its congregation in 1577.

The church was struck by lightning in 1577 and the spire toppled, it’s possible the damage was caused then but personally I prefer Shuck’s tale.