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I like it when a particular name is attributed to a sighting or ghostly activity, I think for me it makes it seem more like a real story/event as opposed to the vague descriptions of just houses or weird movement, anomalies. The legend comes from Queensland, Australia and no-one knows the truth of his birth date, but he died 16th September 1897.

Jack Darke’s name is more renowned due to his death, as opposed to his life when he was a hard worker who kept to himself. Unfortunately for Jack his life ended when he was pulled into the buzz saw at the Gold Rush sawmill. The town records register it as happening when he died attempting to burn down the sawmill, the townsfolk and their rumours suggest that it may have been another story.

Local stories tell that there may have been another younger man involved in the attempted arson, another says he might have been pushed to his death by someone and his murder was covered up. Since the 1980’s multiple reports of activity at the site come in, it seems the events occur between midnight and 3am on nights with a full moon and little cloud cover. In 1992 there was a report from guests at a banquet there was a man there who was wearing a colonial outfit. There is no audio or visual representation to support the claim.

At Dreamworld Amusement Park there is a ride called Buzz Saw, the theme of the ride is his bizarre death and subsequent ghost story. The rollercoaster is 150 metres in length and quite popular. Have you been on the ride or met with Jack Darke? Let me know.

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