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This incident refers to the strange death of G√ľnther Stoll, an unemployed food engineer from Anzhausen, Germany who was suffering from a mild case of paranoia and prior to his death had mentioned ‘them’ on occasion to his wife. He was sure that these unknown people were out to harm him.

On 25th October 1984 Stoll once again mentioned ‘them’ around 11pm that night, he suddenly shouted out “Now I’ve got it” (jetzt geht mir ein licht auf!) and wrote down either YOGTZE or YO6TZE but then crossed it out. Not long after this he headed off to his favourite pub in Wilnsdorf, where he ordered a beer and then fell on the ground injuring his face. Those around him did not feel that he was drunk and said it looked like he had suddenly passed out. When he woke up he drove off again and his whereabouts for two hours after that are unknown.

Stoll then turned up around 1am on the 26th October, in Haigerseelbach where he had grown up. He was talking to a women he knew about a ‘horrible accident’ but it was really late and she told him he should go home. Then around 3am his car was found in a trench by two people, both of them saw an injured man in a white coat near the car, they contacted the police and Stoll was found naked in his car severely injured.

Stoll mentioned four men who were with him, he said they had ‘beat him loose’ and he denied that they were friends. Stoll then died on the way to the hospital.

Police found that he had been injured before the crash, he was run down whilst naked and was in the passenger seat where he was driven to the final location and repositioned. The police were unable to find any further leads and they could not understand what the message meant he had written down and then erased.