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New Jersey was somewhere I didn’t visit too much, I pretty much saw the airport and a Walmart if I am honest but I wouldn’t be so sure that wasn’t a good thing given the tales of the roads “in them there parts”. Clinton Road is one of those, it is in West Milford, Passaic County and begins near Route 23 towards it’s end at Upper Greenwood Lake. It has many legends attached to it and some are quite easily explained away but that’s not the only reason I picked it of course.

So what do we have to enjoy for a leisurely drive? Well there aren’t a great many houses down it’s 10km stretch and the road itself reportedly receives little maintenance, unless necessary. It’s got a terrible traffic light system, which if you are caught at the wrong time can leave you with up to a five minute wait! I hate being caught 30 seconds let alone that long. It takes its name from a now vanished settlement, Clinton.

The Ghost Boy at the bridge is one of the many legends attached to the stretch of road, one of the bridges saw a young boy drowned and if you put your coin in the middle where the yellow lines are you can have it returned to you by his ghost. In other variations the story has the boy pushing you over the bridge. If you don’t fancy your chances with that you can try discussing the ghostly car that drives that way, if you are talking about a car crash in 1988 where a girl lost her life, you should see a Camaro or perhaps if you are unlucky you might find yourself being driven off the road by a ghost truck.

So I’ve given you some ghosts how about Hellhounds? Well alongside those there have been tales of monkeys being spotted, and hybrid creatures but some of them are also believed to be the survivors of an old attraction called Jungle Habitat, it closed in 1976 but there are rumours some animals escaped and have in turn managed to crossbreed.

Cross Castle no longer stands, but the foundations are still there. Richard Cross built the castle on high land near the Reservoir for his wife and their three children in 1905. Later in the century it fell to ruin after a fire and became a popular local attraction for hikers or teenagers wanting an out of the way place for a party.  It’s been rumoured to be a place of satanic worship and sacrifice, WeirdNJ reported that people had claimed to have suffered seizures whilst there, and other things such as writings on the walls. Either way the Newark water department had the place razed in 1988 and hiking trails to the foundations remain even if the walls do not.

Have I given you curious people enough yet? No? Okay well how about the Iceman?

May 1983 a bicyclist was heading down the road and spotted vultures having a feast in the nearby woods, when he checked it out he found a dead body. An autopsy on the body showed it was foul play but more puzzling they found ice crystals in his blood near his heart, his interior organs showed a slower rate of decay than the outside flesh. It was thought that someone had tried to freeze him after death to try and mislead investigators.

Investigations led the authorities to someone living near Rockland County, New York and ultimately led to the arrest of Richard Kulinski in 1986, he was a contract killer for the mob, he lays claim to over 100 kills in his time and treated their bodies in that manner, it led to him being given the nickname The Iceman. He pled guilty to five murders and died in March 2006.

WeirdNJ Article 

England is full of quirky tales and ghostly mishaps so I always love to present them in the hopes that they are new to someone passing by. This particular one comes from a stretch in Dartmoor where there were an unusually high number of vehicle accidents in the 20th Century.

The legend comes from Postbridge, Dartmoor, the road is now known as B3212.  A quick look on google maps would give you a good idea of the layout of the land. Moors are bleak places and it’s easy to see how legends spring up from them.

The Hairy Hands are a pair of disembodied hands that appear suddenly grabbing at the wheel or handlebars and force the victim off the road. For some of these cases they have not seen the hand, so there are in essence two reports given about this.  The good news is that most of the victims have survived, however Dr E H Helby, the local medical officer, was not so lucky when he died in 1921 but two children of the prison governor who rode the sidecar came out alive. Several weeks after his death an Army Captain reported that he had been forced off the road by a pair of invisible hands.

Of course a very reasonable explanation is simply people speeding along on roads that require some attention when driving!

It is an urban legend from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Mongolia and was more widespread in the 60’s and 70’s.  The story involves a Black Volga Limousine (or in some tales Black Ambulance) with white wheel trims, white curtains or another white element on the vehicle.

It is said that the Black Volga abducted people and there are several variations to do with the driver, from priests, nuns, vampires to Satan himself. The victims were kidnapped for blood to be used as a cure for westerner’s or Arabs suffering from Lukemia.  Again another variation says that were KGB taking kidneys/organs instead.

The legend resurfaced in the late 20th Century with a BMW/Mercedes in it’s place. In this version the driver would ask passers by for the time. When they came close enough to the car they would be marked for death.

It’s said the area of Saw Mill Road, Downington, PA, once had red iron gates leading to a long abandoned mansion. The place was the scene of a gun-murder when a father killed his family. The house then lay empty, left as it had been and the bodies were buried on the ground.  This area had left the locals with stories of Satanic worship, mafia in the mansion and other suchlike tales.

A trip to the place now leaves people with chain-link fences. There are no gates to be found, there are some stone ruins of various dwellings and plenty of trespass signs.

There are of course tales of lights from the abandoned building and very real dogs chasing people off, not hell hounds! Of course if anyone had passed through the gates of hell they have never come back to talk about it.

Not far away there are Twin Tunnels, Creek Road with their own story. Two Tunnels are corrected by a little open space and a wire connecting them.

Stories say that a man hung himself on the connecting wires, at the entrance to the tunnel towards Boot road, there is a spray painting of a suitcase with an arm sticking out and pointing down. The writing on the wall says “help me” and it was apparently pointing at a suitcase on the ground with a female’s body parts on it. They say she was killed by a motorcycle gang from the area in the early nineties.

Another tale says a woman became pregnant out of wedlock and after giving birth she hung herself with her baby in her arms. Rumours say that if you turn off your car, wait a while and turn it on again you will see the handprints of a baby on the windshield.

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