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Fidel Castro was a men who’s 1959 revolution brought Communism close to the USA, a boat ride away. Cuban exiles pressed for direct action against him, and in 1961 President Kennedy approved the Bay of Pigs landing. The operation was a disaster.

There were proposed CIA acts of terrorism sanctioned as a way of implicating Castro in plots that would mean a viable reason for his death or at least political destruction. They schemed to use hijackers to take planes, or to use urban bombings in the USA. The ‘Northwood’ planners also suggested sabotaging the spaceflight by Mercury astronaut John Glenn. When the CIA director was forced to quit in 1961 the President rejected the ‘Northwood’ plans outright.

The CIA still continued to plot a way to neutralize Castro, kill plans included using a mistress to poison him in bed, injecting him with a poisoned pen or slipping him an exploding cigar. Another was the idea of a contaminated wetsuit with a fatal disease, as they knew he was fond of scuba diving.

Despite these plans Castro continued to be an irritant to the US government but was forced to retire in 2008. With ill-health plaguing him he handed the power over to his brother, Raul.