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In Stratford, Connecticut, the site of the mansion was formerly used to burn a lady named Goody Bassett at the stake for witchcraft. After the house was built it seems the “magic” lives on, if you are to stare in a mirror in the house long enough her face will stare back and you will get a needle prick on your arm for being so indignant as to stare.

Reverend Phelps and his family owned the house and returning from Sunday Service March 14th 1850 they found the interior in a shambles. The expensive furniture, china and their food had all been strewn around downstairs. They thought at first they had been burgled but after walking into the dining room he declared demon spirits had found their way into the home.

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The oldest running amusement park in the world is in Connecticut, it could hardly go without some mention of ghosts now could it? So it turns out that even back at the days of the opening there were rumours of dark things… Chief Compounce was the former owner of the land and drowned whilst trying to swim. It is said that since his death buildings on the land has experienced hauntings at one time or another.

It also seems like bad luck comes with the park, a child died from injuries after a near drowning, a worker was killed under a ride, another was decapitated by a roller coaster. However, given the time span it’s been running I don’t wonder too much that these were statistically on the horizon anyway?

Most of the reports do however seem to be in the Star Light Ball Room. The park is now under the hands of new management and the website presents the interesting rides that can be found. I’d certainly go there if I was in the area, it looks like a lot of fun. Apparently however some overnight staff with no knowledge of the rumours still tell people that it’s quite an eerie place at night.

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Middlebury, Connecticut has a little village in the woods on the side of an abandoned road, DamnedCT explain the directions and as such I leave interested parties their link too. The village is a number of small three to five feet houses that are now in varying states of degrees, they are part of what was one a mini village on a train ride for an amusement park, Lake Quassy Amusement Park, when the trolley line for the park stopped nothing was done to maintain the “throne” and mini buildings for the village but here goes with the interesting factoids as such.

So here we go with the tales, one story is that a man and his wife were living peacefully in Middlebury when she started to report seeing Fairy type folk in the woods. She demanded her husband created them a place to live and slowly as the enchantment left so did the sanity of the people and eventually their lives.

Another version says a man that lived alone succumbed to hearing the voices of the little folk, he built their village but was driven insane by their talking. Eventually the voices moved into his head and he killed himself.

Either way the stories of this small amusement park feature have now evolved into the gruesome stories above along with tales of the haunting spirits of the little people in the area. Of course if you want to hang around to investigate it’s said that if you do decide to stay too long you could go insane too, who knows…


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The buildings were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995, I was glad to say that on a random internet search for trips in the area I was staying that this one showed up. The Sanatorium sits in Waterford, Connecticut on the coast.

From some black and white pictures on the internet it looks like it was a very nice little place once, set as a hospital overlooking the sea. Closer to the beach it had the offer of plenty of fresh air, swings and slides that are now rusted over would have been an enticing place on a sunny day.

It was designed by Cass Gilbert and opened in the 1930’s. In 1958 it was used for three years treating the elderly and then became a home for the mentally challenged, but it met a tragic start to the end in the 1970’s when reports came to light that staff were abusing patients and then in  the mid 90’s was shown to have a higher than expected mortality rate.

1996 saw the building closed down, it has passed through various hands and there are talks of removing buildings so the land can be used for condo’s. I visited November 2012, and we were advised by a friendly local resident that even though the building is locked up it is possible to walk around. We were advised to keep a little way off due to security, and so armed with a nervous friend and camera off I went to snap.

Firstly, the area was fairly quiet apart from two idiot hoodies who were determined to break something. I don’t illegally break into places so I took my photo’s from a little way off and and made sure they were external. I came away with a clear conscience though and that was a good thing!

Outside we found signs of an old walkway, an old chess table to play outside on sunny days and also a bridge that had collapsed that would have lead to another larger building area. We also passed an old metal roundabout and the playground that was behind the perimeter fence. The previous (and likely continuing) vandalism is evident on the building which is saddening to see, and nature is slowly claiming her prize around it.

If you go I would suggest you take a short trip to a nearby park, an old restored mansion named Ophelia is also worth a look around. We couldn’t go in as we were off season but you can explore the grounds, enjoy the sights and look into the windows to see a very pretty project that was worth the drive alone.


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