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Peter Underwood (a renowned investigator) reported a case close to where I currently live. 1900’s Bilborough, Nottingham had several sightings of a ghost in cricket attired in a local council house.

Charles Hill was the occupant and was frightened away from his home. e first woke at night to see a young man dressed for the sport, with a handkerchief around the back of his neck. The apparition disappeared quite quickly and so Charles thought he was likely imagining it.

When it happened again a few nights later he became sure he was not dreaming. His daughter then spotted the ghost and Charles made the decision to leave the house. An investigation was conducted by the Ghost Club and they heard a sharp pistol shot that went off in a room but no one outside of that room heard it.

In a seance the name of the ghost was given and the mother of the unfortunate soul was found. She explained that her son had been paralysed in an accident and spent the rest of his life in that one room. He loved cricket and would be dressed in the outfit, on hot days he put the handkerchief on the back of his neck. After 18 months of the confinement her son shot himself with a revolver.