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The 18 (or 16 depending on your source) year old’s female skeleton lies in the cave of Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, two of her vertebrae are crushed. She was discovered in 1989 it’s an hours ride from San Ignacio, Beluze, and another hours walk through shallow rivers and jungle.

A series of skeleton’s are in the cave of the Mayan people ages from a year up to an adult. They are victims of ritual suicide and all tell different tales. Almost all have been killed via trauma to the head and the more famous is further into the cave, the Crystal Maiden.

Researchers think she may have died violently and been tossed into the cave, she has been there for around 1,100 years. She’s been there so long her bones have calcified leaving a sparkling and slightly plump look to them.

It is known as one of the few listed and protected places in the area. There are tours there and it is advised you need to be careful when you go, damage has occurred in the past and they are trying hard to preserve the area and the maiden inside.