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A large reservoir in Derbyshire, the area is already a popular tourist spot, built between 1935 and 1943, and then took a further two yours to fill in. In 1939 the firms involved encountered problems due to the second world war breaking out.

Ashton Village was pretty much demolished before the buildings of Derwent were flooded too. The Derwent buildings, woodlands church and hall were all flooded. 14 years ago there were clear views of the flooded village thanks to a summer drought.

1947 unfortunately saw the end of the churches clocktower, the upper part had been visible above the water and was seen as a hazard and so demolished with explosives.

Lady Bower Reservoir was also used as a testing ground for bombers in the second world war, the area is littered with remains of the planes from various crashes and some sightings suggest the flights may even continue as ghostly reruns.

A plane, most likely Lancaster Bomber, has been reported several times and one witness reported a suspected crash as they saw a plane turn into a giant fireball. The plane could be Vicky the Vicious Virgin who crashed during a routine flight on the 18th May 1945 killing all 6 of her crew.