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Electronically generated noises that sound like speech, they are not intentionally recorded noises and are usually caught as part of a stray transmission or within static etc. The interest in this lies mainly in the paranormal, and there are explanations on a scientific level to try and debunk the claims. I had previously mentioned these but I think it’s worth another visit as it may well prove useful when I go into other subjects later on, if only to explain my perspective and some of the ones I might choose to blog on.

Thomas Edison was asked in an interview about whether or not he could use his inventions to communicate with spirits. He said that only if the device were sensitive enough to pick up their sounds, but there is no evidence to support he ever tried to work on it.

Attila von Szalay was an American photographer and amongst one of the first to try recording the voices. He began in 1941 and tried to do this with a vinyl style records but then found it became more successful to try once there was the invention of reel-to-reel tape. His custom made attempts, along with Raymond Bayless, meant they used a microphone in a cabinet and would ensure they were out of the way as it started. Bayless was a co-author to a book in 1979, “Phone calls from the Dead”.

“The Spiricom” made in 1980, by William O’Neil was an electronic audio device which he claimed was built to order by a George Mueller, a scientist that had died six years prior. He stated in a press conference that it allowed him to hold two-way conversations with spirits and provided the design for free. Nobody is known to have replicated the results and his partner, George Meek, felt that maybe it was due to O’Neil’s already present medium powers that the system worked.

The Ghost Box (invented 2002) was made by enthusiast Frank Sumption for real-time communication. The device is a combination of a white noise generator with AM radio receiver that sweeps back and forth selecting split-second snippets of sound. Whilst the “Ghost Box” has been a frequent flyer on the TV it is cited by critics as being more to do with pareidolia than actual communication.

Psychologist Imants Barušs has finds his conclusion to be that EVP cannot be replicated under controlled conditions.

Interference from CB’s, wireless baby monitors etc are all documented phenomena. It is possible for circuits to resonate without any internal power source by means of radio reception. Captireing these anomalies may well resemble what is known as EVP. Early EVP on tape could also be explained due to the fact that quite often the tapes might suffer poor erasure, or prevoius recordings. Many a time when I was younger and used tapes you would get an “echo” of the recording from before or even parts from the tape the other side.

The paranormal investigators love to talk about EVP’s as beings such as spirits or in some circles the idea they maybe extraterrestrials. It is felt by some modern spiritualist churches that electronic communication is just as valid as traditional mediumship.

My own personal experience with what might have been considered as EVP until I found the source really did freak me out. I was living in a one bed flat at the time and had my PC on the main desk, the computer was turned off every night but I never thought about the speakers. Three or four times I woke up hearing very odd whispers and sounds. I naturally sought out why this was happening and spent one night with them turned up full blast. Eventually with the help of another friend we realised the signals were from a police radio and that we were picking up fragments of broadcasts, turning the speakers off totally solved that case… but then again who’s to say that what I found debunks it entirely! I remain open minded.


There’s several arguments floating around about this and I’m not going to pick a side, where is the fun in that anyway? It’s for other people to decide what they believe after all.

So what is EVP? Some believe that they are the voices of the dead talking back in a format where we cannot always hear it in the natural scope. Some feel that it is a way to communicate with lost/angry spirits.

Others feel that it is simply a case of Apophenia, our brains fill in the noises to sound like something, we want to make something from a series of noises and random patterns.  Pareidolia is one of the most cited arguments about this being the case.

Photography and sound have been part of the study of the afterlife for seemingly as long as they have existed. Human beings are desperate to hear and see proof that this is not the end, religion is not the way to sate the mind, for so many now scientific proof over faith is the only way forwards.

Electronic Voice Phenomena may be the brain filling in the bits we want to hear, but how is it then some people use this by asking questions and seemingly getting relevant answers, names, facts or findings they can later go on to verify? Was it a big set up from the start or proof that a spirit is genuinely able to communicate?

Scepticism seems high on the scale with the voices of some being just too clear for it to seem like the voice of the dead coming back. But how does a deadman sound to know the reality? With floods of supposed EVP on youtube and other simple engine searches can it really be something that is proven or not? Also it would appear that attempts to recreate these recordings do not seem to produce anything under scientific controlled conditions.

Allow me to present some of the ones I have found and you can make up your mind.

EVP ONE – from

EVP Selection – from

Have a quick search on youtube and I am sure you can find some. If you get any particular good ones do let me know!