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The Cock Lane Ghost was a reported haunting attracting a mass of attention in 1762, following the death of William Kent’s wife in childbirth he became romantically involved with her sister, Fanny. Canon Law prevented them from marrying but they moved to London and lodged at the property in Cock Lane, then owned by Richard Parsons.

There was some accounts of knocks and noises but it seemed relatively uneventful and the couple moved out. Fanny died from smallpox and Kent successfully brought legal action against Parsons over an outstanding debt and it seems that the problems started up again. Person’s reported that Fanny was haunting his property, and she was haunting both him and his daughter.

The ghost pen-ultimately claimed that Fanny had been poisoned with arsenic, Kent was publicly the suspected murderer but a commission of people stated that the haunting was a fraud, it was also proven later on that the scam was carried out by Elizabeth Parsons pushed into it by her father. The responsible parties were found guilty and Richard Parsons himself was sentenced to two years in prison, and pilloried (put on a public display for humiliation).

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