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As regular readers may already know, I love ships, and with it comes a love of ghost ships. So the Chilean legend of Caleuche has gone on to my list of weird and wonderful. Here’s a little tale for a Friday read.

The Caleuche is supposedly a ghost ship seen around a small island of Chiloé at night, it is claimed she appears every night. She is said to be sentient, a bright white sailing shop with three masts, she is always full of lights and the sounds of a party. She also is said to go underwater and can navigate whilst under it, similar to the flying Dutchman. Sources I found also seem to state that the ship is sentient.

In Chilote mythology the dead/drowned are brought to the ship by three siblings – Sirena Chilota, Pincoya, and their brother Pincoy. When aboard the ship the dead are able to carry on their existence there as if they were alive.

There are two types of spirits on the ship, those that drowned at sea who can enjoy the above aforementioned carry on of their lives, these spirits may also go home once a year to visit their families. Those who are more unfortunate who are kidnapped fishermen, they are used to serve the ship performing the various duties of the crew.

Another thing that is claimed is that the ship can summon a magical water horse, this horse can the  gallop upon the surface of the ocean.