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Lancashire is an area with a pleasure beach, theme park full of rides. The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also one with a ghost train, and a ghost.

In 1936 the park opened its spooky ride but the name later changed to Ghost Train, and seemingly was the first one to do so.

A dedicated member of staff was known as Cloggy, he tended the ride meticulously and seemingly passed away from some dire illness. Cloggy appears to have been so dedicated that he continued with his passion after his death.

Ride visitors spoke about having been touched on the ride, complaints about this and being grabbed by invisible hands  were made and passengers were informed that this was not a part of the ride.

On one occasion it was noted that maintenance were repairing the ride and had heard strange sounds. They had heard groans and mystery footsteps. They came to the time to shut down, and as per the procedure they turned off the electrics. When this happened and they headed off they noticed that a skull was still illuminated on the top of the building.


I went to visit recently (September 2014) and did not spot or hear any ghosts… but I did snap this on my way around!

The maintenance creDSCN7256w spent an hour trying to resolve the situation they couldn’t work out how it was lit. In the end they left baffled and unnerved.