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A strange tale of a vampiric encounter comes from the 1100’s, once the lord of the estate it lived underneath it and at night it would emerge to attack villagers.

It was also an area with an outbreak of plague at the time, so it could be that the legend could partly be attributed to the rise of the creature in the face of the deaths.

The result of this was the villagers dug up the monster, taking it from its shallow grave and burning it to end its curse. This was also a site used for the filming of the ever popular Harry Potter.

Site I rather hope this isn’t the end for a fascinating place, I had it on my list of things to visit for a start…

Alchemy is used for a lot of modern stories including Harry Potter. For instance without Alchemy the fabled Philosophers Stone wouldn’t be in our midst. One of the more famous aspects of alchemy is the idea of changing lead to gold. Another thing they aimed for was the Panacea, a remedy to prolong life and cure all known diseases.

Fundamentally one of the things that alchemy can claim to be is that they bore the fathers of chemistry. Studies of alchemy also influenced Isaac Newton with his theory of gravity. It has not just been about changing base metals to rich ones, it has helped shape modern science. Practical alchemy saw its roots into science around the 17th century, it was brought to light by Robert Boyde who wrote The Skeptical Chymist, alchemy’s use and popularity saw it’s decline in the 18th century with a push for rationalism.

One of the best series I ever watched to do with this was Fullmetal Alchemist. I admit to spending hours back to back watching it. They tackle the idea of human transmutation using Alchemy…  the game I have for this is more of a beat ’em up but none the less alchemy inspired.