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I discovered her story whilst reading Haunted Heartland by Beth Scott and Michael Norman. The book is a collective of US hauntings and this is the first entry, so it seemed apt to let it be my first haunting subject here. Richard Crowe supposedly collected over three dozen reports that he thought fitted the description pretty well and they apparently continue to do so.

The story goes that Mary had supposedly spent the evening at the ballroom with her boyfriend, at the Oh Henry Ballroom, and they got into an argument so she stormed off. Determined to avoid the boyfriend she decided to take a cold evening walk home rather than suffer his company any further. She went up Archer Avenue and was struck down by a hit and run, the driver was never found. Her parents were the ones that came across her body, she was buried in Resurrection Cemetery in her white dancing dress with matching shoes.

There have been attempts to find a possible basis for the tale, one of which was a burial for Mary Bregovy who died in 1934, her death was an auto mobile accident on the Chicago Loop. Another theory was that it might be Anna “Marija” Norkus who died in 1927, another accident with a car when she was on her way home from the ballroom. Of the two this one appears to be a more solid theory as it was at least linking up the two areas together.

Since the 1930’s reports of this nature continue around the area, the cemetery is located in Justice, Illinois and often report the event between that of Archer Avenue or Willowbrook Ballroom, hence the continued connection. Interestingly the reports continue to present day, so I wonder if anyone that stumbles across this will contact me to tell me that they too have had a brush with the paranormal. (Of course I don’t wonder if some of them are pranks with people in white dresses running up the road, just stir it up.)

It seems like any good ghost story there’s not enough detail to work out who she is, despite the theories. She fits the classic vanishing hitchhiker story which is in my opinion possibly one to file under Urban Legends, then again with eye witness accounts not “friend of a friend” who can say. Of course no ghost story would be complete without a cheesy horror film to go with it.
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