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The Tequendama Falls Museum of Biochemistry and Culture (what a mouthful eh?) is both a museum and mansion in Columbia. Before it was renovated the beautiful site sat abandoned for some time and it was rumoured that the hotel was/is haunted.

In the 90’s it was left abandoned for nearly two decades because of river contamination. The hotel itself is by an amazing waterfall, it sadly became a spot well-known for suicides too.

Guests at the hotel reported whispers, restless souls and people having had their hair pulled by unknown assailants. The were also reports that some people had woken up with scratches on their face.


A 14th Century castle, situated around 3 miles north of the fishing town of Arbroath  Angus, Scotland. The castle dates to be around 1300 when the monks at Arbroath Abbey built a sandstone keep. The castled seems to have passed through several hands of the de Maxwell family and then into the ownership of Scotland’s last  Cardinal, David Beaton. Beaton was murdered in St Andrews in 1546.

The castle was purchases in 1665 by the Carneige family, they later became the Earls of Northesk, and they owned it until 1928 when it was brought by William Cunningham Hector. The castle is thought to be the bases for the Castle of Knockwhinnock in Sir Walter Scott;s novel The Antiquary.

The castle was then restored by the chief of the Forsyth Clan, Alistair Forsythe, and it served as their seat. The castle is also now owned by the de Morgan family who have converted it into a hotel. And as with any castle, I thought I’d bring up the subject of ghosts. Now David Beaton is said to be one of the hauntings there, it’s not a surprise really, after all being murdered is a pretty upsetting thing! However he’s not alone because there are rumours of a Grey Lady there too. Let’s hope she isn’t dressed to scandalously for the Cardinal.

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