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Mary MacMahon married Conor O’Brien, the owner of Leamaneh Castle, now in ruins. They married in 1639 and she would often accompany him on raids against English Invaders. 25th July 1651 Conor was ambushed and mortally wounded by Cromwell’s men; he died in her arms later that night.

Mary went to Cromwell’s Commander-In-Chief and offered to marry any English army officer who had the courage to ask her to marry him. A young standard-bearer named John Cooper had the guts and so they married. Mary is reputed to have murdered him later on when she pushed him out of a window at Leamaneh when he was drunk.

Máire (Mary) was alleged to have been a cruel woman, she would hang servants that displeased her. She also had an insatiable appetite for both sexes and lusted for them both.

Some say Máire met her end when enemies entombed her alive inside a hollow tree and left her to starve to death. Some say on a ride from Ennis to Corofin one stormy night, her hair was caught in a branch above the road. She was hanged, when she was swung off the horse, by her own hair!

Video only loosely related but Monty Python’s  Oliver Cromwell makes me giggle.

Not the kind where you run up and down the stairs until you feel light headed. The genuine practise of banishment of spirits/demons possessions. I won’t go on about the obvious film(s) covering this genre but I will mention that this is something controversial to many people.

Medical studies suggest that the following can be contributing to the delusion/belief that someone is possessed.

  • Automatism, someone acting in a mechanical or involuntary manner.
  • Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome, where victims cannot control their language outbreaks or movements.
  • OCD – a need to continue doing what can be seen as irrelevant acts over and over again.
  • Some form of mental disorder (eg schizophrenia)
  • Xonolalia,. where a person begins to speak a language fluently that was previously unknown
  • deep-rooted psychological problems that have not been addressed correctly

“O sacardos Christi, tu scis me esse diabolum. Cur me derogas?” Latin ‘O Priest of Christ, you know that I am the Devil. Why do you keep bothering me?’

As an example one Father states that of 500,000 referred exorcism’s he believed that 84 of them were genuine cases of possession. According to an independent report hey should refer to a doctor and then only aim for a priest as a last resort.

The practise is not something that is exclusively Christian/Catholic and I believe it’s worth noting this. Most of the horrors we see on our screens involving the subject are based on the Catholic rites but there are rites of this nature in Hinduism, Judaism and Islamic texts.

Which brings me nicely on to a small passion I have outside of the blog, anime and cosplay.  With all the serious posting above I’d like to share a trailer for an anime I am currently enjoying.