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Located in Alto, Illinois the mansion is being restored by Sharon and George Luedke. It was built in 1869 and the McPike family lived there until 1936.

There are some discrepancies about this, for instance records indicate Paul a. Laichinger owned and lived there from 1909-1930. It’s been empty from mid-fifties either way and the Luedke’s brought it in 1994.

World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape featured the building and you can take a virtual tour on their website too.

Some believe a whole army haunts the site (I can’t see why) and others that it’s more specific than that. A female servant called ‘Sarah’ is there to greet guests and others suggest another presence in the house is the former owner Laichinger.

Is it haunted or just a good fundraiser for an historical building? You can decide.

From the 1920’s onwards, stories has been told from North America (and Canada) of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch which is a giant 6-10 foot tall humanoid with shaggy hair, and a repulsive smell.

A miner claimed to have been abdusted by one another man said his group were attacked by an ape-man. The stories were dismissed as hoaxes.

Hoaxes about this seem to come up fairly regularly. In 1958 paw-prints were found at Bluff Creek but were made by wooden feet. A famous film from 1967, by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin showed what looked like a hairy female humanoid that rushed off into the woods. Was it a genuine cryptid, unknown animal or a hoax?

Raymond Patterson (1918-2002) was a big-foot hunter and his friend, Bob Heironimus, claimed it was a hoax as he was the man in the suit. Patterson and Gimli refused to retract the claim as valid footage and the debate goes on.

In 1973 in Illinois a couple parked up were scared out of their wits and described the creature they saw much like that of a Sasquatch. With slime-dripping from it’s body and a foul stench.

In 2008 a Youtube video surfaced that claimed to show a dead Bigfoot, it was found in Georgia. TV networks clustered around the freezer containing the corpse but it turned out to be another hoax, with a hollow head and rubber feet.

The search continues.