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No one can be sure why but in 1997 there was a nefarious plot in New Orleans that was circulated by word-of-mouth, fax and e-mail to suggest that an organised crime ring would be druggin visitors and removing their organs to sell on the black market. The viral message was under the heade of “Travelers Beware” and sparked mass fear about the event, despite the lack of substantial evidence to show it was a reality.

The story had already had a history in Houston, Las Vegas where a supposed tourist was drugged in his hotel room by a prostitute and work up the next day, minus a kidney, in a bathtub of ice.

This has become another urban legend and in a lot of versions the facts are fairly similar.

Subject A goes out to the bar, has a drink and is alone whilst away in some hotel etc etc. A then wakes up the next morning with a severe pain in the lower back, A is taken to an emergency room where it is determined that A has undergone major surgery. The surgery A was not aware of has both cleanly and professionally resulted in the removal of a kidney.

This particular tale is an Urban Legend, whilst it’s not impossible that organs have been brought and sold on the black market there is no substantiated evidence of back room operations from dirty alleys or seedy hotel rooms.

It really doesn’t seem plausible because without proper medical facilities the chances of the organ surviving long enough to be usable are practically zero. That’s not to mention all the qualified and trained people it would take too. Oh and no one has ever come forward with a public case of the happenig so like many it appears to be another public hype turned into fear.

Unfortunately this one has put people at risk before, rumours in Guatamala spread that American’s were kidnapping their children so they could use the organs in the states. In 1994 several US Citizens and Europeans were attacked y mobs. An American woman, Jane Weinstock, remains critically impaired because of it.

It is an urban legend from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Mongolia and was more widespread in the 60’s and 70’s.  The story involves a Black Volga Limousine (or in some tales Black Ambulance) with white wheel trims, white curtains or another white element on the vehicle.

It is said that the Black Volga abducted people and there are several variations to do with the driver, from priests, nuns, vampires to Satan himself. The victims were kidnapped for blood to be used as a cure for westerner’s or Arabs suffering from Lukemia.  Again another variation says that were KGB taking kidneys/organs instead.

The legend resurfaced in the late 20th Century with a BMW/Mercedes in it’s place. In this version the driver would ask passers by for the time. When they came close enough to the car they would be marked for death.