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The area in Ireland has been identified due to missing people that are between their late teens and forties, all women and all have disappeared without any explanation or evidence. They appear around the eastern part around the borders of Leinster. The unofficial list gives 6 to 8 people that went missing and the popular hypothesis is that it may have been a serial killer (or killers) that operated in the area during this period. The women have been in the media periodically and Irish Police have an operation to try and resolve it but sadly nothing has come up as of yet.

Annie McCarrick went missing in 1993, she was 26 years old, an American student who was last seen outside Johnny Fox’s pub in Glencullen, County Dublin: After that in the same year is Eva Brennan, aged 40 who left her parents house to go back to her apartment and was never seen again. A year later, Imelda Keenan who was 22 years old went missing from Mountmellick, County, she went missing 3rd January 1994 and the last sighting of her was in Waterford.

Josephine Dollard, aged 21 went missing in 1995 and was in the Moone area, she was hitchhiking back from Dublin to Kilkenny and a witness saw her using a payphone but that’s the last sighting. Then in 1996 Ciara Breen, aged 18, went missing from Dundalk and in the same year Deidre Jacob went missing without a trace. She was a few yards from her parents and her case is puzzling because she was also near passing motorists who witnessed her approaching her parents drive-way, however she never made it. In 1996 Fiona Pender was 7 months pregnant at 25 years old. She stepped out of her flat one evening and was never seen again. Then in 1998 came the disappearance of 19 year old Fiona Sinnott, who was last seen leaving a pub in Broadway, County Wexford.

In 2012 there was a renewed interest because news broke about a 30 year old pregnant woman named Aoife Phelan who disappeared as she walked home from her friends. Her remains were later found, sadly, and a 24 year old man was charged with her murder, he was not linked to the other missing women.

For many it seems that they fear it is the work of a serial killer, either alone or with an accomplice, police have looked at Larry Murphy for this and was convicted of murder in 2001 for indecent acts and trying to strangle a Carlow business woman. He was surprised by two hunters as he tried to do so and ultimately they saved the poor woman. He strongly maintains that he is NOT connected to the murders and a woman said she knew it was not Larry Murphy, others also say however that since his imprisonment the vanishing stopped, but this is conjectural and does not really answer anything about where the poor women are.

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Gordon Frederick Cummins, is not really as memorable as Blackout Killer or Blackout Ripper. He murdered for women in London, 1942, and was a leading aircraftman in the RAF, he also claimd to be of noble heritage.

9th February 1942, 40 year old pharmacist Evelyn Hamilton was found strangled and her handbag stolen.

10th February, 35 year old Evelyn Oatley was found naked in her flat. She had been strangled, her throat cut and she had been sexually mutilated with a can opener.

11th Febuary, 43 year old Margaret Lowe was murdered in her flat. She had been strangled by a silk-stocking and her body mutilated by a variety of implements that included a razor, knife and candlestick.

12th February, 32 year old Doris Jouannet was murdered in the lfat she shared with her husband. She was strangled with a scarf and her naked body mutilated. The Blackout Ripper was named due to the similarity of mutilations like Jack the Ripper.

Greta Hayward had a luckier escape on Valentines Day, the attacker was disrupted by a delivery boy on his rounds. On the same day not long afterwards Mrs Mulcahy was attacked. She managed to fight off her attacker, who gave her an extra £5 before running away, leaving his belt behind.

Cummkins had left behind his Gas Mask after the interrupted attack on Greta. The gas mask had the service number 525987 on the side, it identified the possessor as Cummins.

He had no history of violence, but when his quarters were searched February 16th, the belongings of the victims were found. Fingerprints were matched at two flats of the killings and on the can opener. The trial took one day and the Jury took 35 minutes to find him guilty. He was hanged 25th June 1942 at Wandsworth Prison, during an air raid.

I cannot say that I appreciate beauty pageants at the best of times, perhaps this story counts towards why… the length’s some people seemingly go to just to make children look more adult? Why… let children be children. Anyway! Before this becomes a very personal rant instead of a report on a strange case here goes.

JonBenét was child beauty pageant contestant, she was murdered in her own home in 996. She was reported missing and found eight hours later in her own family home’s basement. The six year old had been struck on the head and strangled. Her case remains unsolved and continues to generate a great deal of interest.

Law enforcement initially favoured her parents and her brother, the the family were exonerated in 2003 due to DNA evidence from her clothing. Media coverage often focuses on her beauty pageant involvement, and some have questioned how the police handled it.

The ransom note discovered was supposedly to the value of $118,000 and despite instructions not to contact the police she did. A search was carried out by police and it was John Ramsey, her father, who found her body. DNA extracted in 2003 is ran through CODIS weekly.

An in-depth look at the tragedy can be found here 

Curiously a male-to-female transgender formerly known as John Mark Karr decided he would confess to the murder.  DNA excluded her but she continued to cause more problems. I find it sad that an already terrible tragedy was made worse by false confessions. I hope that the original killer is found, and that the poor young lady gets the justice she deserves.

Ever wondered if female drivers should be discouraged? Maybe this urban legend was designed to try and do just that!

Here’s a shortened common version:

A woman goes out to meet friends, she then leaves the bar fairly late. She heads back in her car and in the rear-view mirror she sees a car, when the car is determined to have been following her she started to try and get free of it. She gets to her house and makes a mad dash to get inside where she can call the police.

As she does the man leaps out from his car yelling that she needs to get inside and call 911. When the police arrive they find out that the man following her was trying to save her. As he had pulled up on the road behind her he saw the silhouette of a man with a butchers knife and it looked like he was trying to kill her. He had began tailing her to keep the lights on her to stop the man from coming back up.

Moral? Always check your back seat I guess.

It is possible that the story traces back to New York during 1964, a New York Policeman discovered a murderer trying to escape and his ingenious plan was to do so by hiding in the back of the cop car!

Not all Urban Legends are completely without the truth either. In 2007 it was reported that a female in the Alabama area was threatened by a man with a gun. He’d been on the back-seat of her SUV and popped up suddenly. Luckily she escaped by slamming on the brakes and running from the car.