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Eastmoor’s Reformatory was for boys, located in Adel, Leeds in England. It opened in 1857, over time the site became like a self-contained village and was abandoned in 2003.

It was for young offenders, as part of the Reformatory Schools Act 1854 and Industrial Schools Act 1857. Boys as young as 8 would have been sent and would serve 3/6 months. Records show that by 1917 it had seen 2460 boys go through its doors. In 1972 it ceased to be an approved school and by 2003 it was closed.

Whilst rumoured to be haunted and certainly looking crepey, I found little to post about this aspect that seemed of worth. Perhaps you know a story I could add?

It’s been put forward for housing development now I believe, but this may well be a challenge, the buildings have also been listed for their historical worth.

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