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Terre Haute in Indiana has a little cemetery, the signs expressly forbid entrance to the Highland Lawn Cemetery during the evening. The caretaker probably has good reason too, there is a chance of a ghostly bulldog and his master are walking around.

The cemetery is the final resting place of John G Heinl, Stiffy Green was his bulldog. The kindly gent and his bulldog went everywhere, the dog would trot obediently behind at his heels and rarely let the master out of his sight.

In 1920 John Heinl passed away and Stiffy Green was inconsolable, the little bulldog would not leave his side even at the funeral and burial service. When someone tried to pull him away he would snap and snarl.

Heinl’s remains were placed in the family vault and Stiffy Green took his vigil outside it by the large bronze doors. No matter the weather the little dog sat there with his bright green eyes on watch, even when the family took the little guy home he would find his way back and carry on his watch.

Now whether or not it’s true, Stiffy was moved to Terre Haut’s Lion’s Club when teenagers no longer content with shining through a torch shot one of the little guy’s eyes out. To keep him safe they moved him.

Terre Hautions grew up with the legend but the Vigo County Historical Society have placed a more realistic slant on it saying that he was a statue built for the Mausoleum.

Either way he makes for a fantastic little story.