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In 1952 a report of a haunting came from Transkei, Zulu Africa. It is an intriguing little tale that started in a cottage, relating to Margaret Leigh and her husband who lived there at the time. Margaret was there at a mission hospital doing occupational therapy. Her husband was there doing research work. Both stayed in the cottage which was in a dry, dusty landscape.

A friend came to visit and Margaret was playing with her cat, Tivy. The friend said at the time that Margaret seemed to be acting rather broody too.

Not long after the visit they started to receive a knock at the door, Tivy would get into the window to see who it was but when they opened the door there was no one there. Eventually they got a little fed up of the rapping and didn’t bother to answer. This would confuse guests who would then go to the door to find an empty spot where the knocking person should have been.

When the ghost entered he would shuffle across from the door to sit on the couch, then he would go to a cupboard in the wall and back again. A local man said it sounded like “Cousin John” that used to live there and that he was probably checking for drinks. Cousin John’s wife would lock them in there as she was against drinking. They never had any children either.

After the birth of Margaret’s first child they found that the haunting stopped. Eventually Margaret and the family headed back to England but three years later they came to visit the cottage and Tivy. The new owners asked, without prompt, about the ghost.

Margaret said that the wife must be pregnant but they did not seem too convinecd. Nine months later they definitely were when the wife gave birth.