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Slenderman is a mythical creature often depicted as being tall, thin and wear a black suit with a white shirt and necktie. One of the prominent features of the face is that there is a lack of them. He can shorten and lengthen his arms at will, and has tentacle-like appendages from his back.

The background – June 8th 2009, a Photoshop competition was launched on the Something Awful forums. The idea was to pass the story off as a real entity and from there on the myth continues.

8th June was the start, 10th June user Victor Surge then posted in a thread, the first known mention of Slenderman as a creature who stalked children.

June 20th 2009 Marblehornets (Click here for the youtube page) began to host video’s of retrieved tapes by “Jay” or “J” who claimed that they were taped by a friend who had since disappeared. It was later made clear they were created by two-film students.

So now there are reports where people are genuinely claiming the entity to be true. A google search will do the work for you and here is the debate I suppose.

Is he something to use because an internet meme created him or was someone using a genuine experience to create a meme and hide the validity of the claims.

(Picture from

a video with a Slenderman type thing in the background?

A little tale I was handed on the interwebs



White With Red

One day, a man on a business trip checked into his motel. The receptionist was nice enough when she told him that his room was number 14, but suddenly got very serious. Deadly serious. She told the man to not go in room 13. The man, now baffled, agreed and went to his room.

On his way to his room, curiosity overwhelmed him and he decided to look through the keyhole in the door of room 13. After all, there wasn’t any harm, he figured. When he looked through, all he saw was the back of woman with pale white skin. The man decided that was enough and went to his room.

The next day, as he went to check out, he decided to look through the keyhole again. This time, all he saw was red. He assumed she had seen him and put something red over the hole, so he walked away. This decision saved his life.

When he got to the desk, the woman behind it saw the look on his face, and said “you looked through the keyhole, didn’t you?”

He nodded. She sighed and said “That room is haunted, one day a man and his wife checked into that room, and the man murdered the wife. But there was something different about these people: they were white all over except for their eyes, because their eyes were completely red.”