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My Little Pony fans were pranked back in 2011 with a scary game that froze up the computer and replaced the desktop. It was a downloadable executable file that was to allow a free game to the desktop of the MLP fanbase.

The game was titled Luna Game and was put up on the pony blog April 3rd, 2011. Luna Game was a normal 2d player game at the start, you can move around as normal and then eventually if you went to the right the gamer would find their screen filled up with the image of a crazed PinkiePie or Appleboom. A song would start to play that was in the background, sounding pretty creepy and the game would freeze up leaving the only option for the user to exit using the “End Task” option or wait for it to eventually close up.

The original of the game would then create extra files into it’s root folder and the user would have to manually delete them afterwards. Effectively the game was supposed to be a mini shock fest but doesn’t seem to be a virus or anything dangerous to the machine itself.

How did they respond? Equestria Daily took the game down the same day, and posted that they would no longer allow downloadable games to be posted on the site.