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The Gan Cean; a headless rider on a black horse who is said to hold his head under his arm. This is an Irish mythological creature that sounds gruesome and is a death omen. The legend of Sleepy Hollow and other headless horseman legend it portrays can be seen as a link to Dullahan.

The horse and headless rider cannot be stopped on their route, locks and gates will become unlocked and open upon their approach. Those who witness it might well find a basin of blood thrown upon them, or he might blind them with his whip and this marks them as a next potential victim. Yet, potentially the Dullahan can be put off for a time, or driven away for the moment, as they dislike gold and it might even be that they are afraid of them.

And how else can he be recognised? Well the head has eyes that constantly dart around, the smile seems to touch both sides of the spooks head. The skin of the detached head looks like the colour and consistency of mouldy cheese, sounds delish! the whip is made of a human spine and the carriage has candles held in place with skulls and the spokes are made thanks to femur’s, then there’s the cover… made from human flesh. Sounds like someone would pay a pretty penny for it on Ebay though! And if he does stop riding, the spot at which he stops is where you will die.

Still need a bit of encouragement to be interested? Gamers may also recognise references for this in Castlevania: Cruse of Darkness where there is a character of that name. Final Fantasy players no doubt came across the enemy and for retro gamers remember Shining Force? (I loved that game) Well you might recall the name Durahan which is a large face but that face is merely a decoration on the armour, taking a closer look you can see that there is no physical head in place.

If you like Monster Girl they did a character there too – Link


And given the recent E3 love for Final Fantasy I picked a little vid from there too.