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This is also known as All Saints’ Eve and Samhain, the celebration is observed around the world on October 31st. It is on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows but some scholars believe that this is part of the older festivals of the dead such as the Celtic Samhain, some say it developed independently.

Samhain itself is mentioned in Irish mythology as it marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or ‘darker half’ of the year. The stock-taking and preparing for the winter ahead, cattle were brought in from the pasture and the livestock slaughtered. In the Gaelic world they would light bonfires and enjoy the rituals involving them, the rituals hint that they might once indicated human sacrifice.

It was considered to be the door to the “otherworld” and opened enough for the souls of the dead to come into the home world. The souls of the dead were said to revisit their old homes, and feasts were held with places of honour for the dead. It is also thought that the idea of wearing a costume came from the idea of of disguising themselves amongst the spirits and fairies. It might also be an extension to the Ireland custom from the 19th Century whewre a man dressed as a white man would lead youths door to door to collect food; by giving them the food the household could expect the good fortune from the Muck Olla.

There are lots of customs and rituals, historical citations about Halloween but this festival also migrated over to North America where it has become a national celebration with some very large parties and the tradition of trick or treat.

There are games and movies galore that incorporate or centralise on the Halloween theme, for instance Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas which was brought into the games series of Kingdom Hearts and saw the hero of the games fighting various troubles there. Halloween the film was an original blockbuster horror that has seen a revival and remake thanks to Rob Zombie. There are so many that I could mention but I could spend an age on it when really right now it’s time to go and stuff myself sick with candy, look at zombie nurses and drink a couple of Bloody Mary’s!

Enjoy your festive season all.

The Mothman Prophecies was a film that brought the creature to the big screen. The legend however, holds its roots in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The sightings were reported from November 1966 to December 1967 and was reported initially by two young couples.

They reported seeing a large white creature whose eyes glowed red when it was picked up by the car headlights. The police made a note of the sighting, and over the next few days there were other similar sightings.

Mason County Sheriff George Johnson said it might be down to an unusually large heron, called the shitepoke.  A wildlife biologist also suggested it might be a large crane, Sandhill Craine, that was out of its migration route, but a contractor Nevell Patridge didn’t blame a crane of his TV’s buzzing noises or missing German Shepherd.

No further reports came after December 15th 1967 when the Silver Bridge collapsed, perhaps it was the portent to the collapse and the 46 deaths that came with it.

Supposedly despite the quietening claims the Mothman sightings do continue to be reported.