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The Amusement Park is located at Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. In 1983 the park suffered a fire that damaged the place financially leaving them without some of their main attractions, but it has a 125 year old history and remains going.

In 1860 The Fairground began and one of he rides now shut-down was said to be haunted by Solomon Dorney. Solomon opened his place to the public and it’s been visited regularly since then. The ride went under the mansion, since demolished, and this appears to have upset Solomon greatly.

Thrill ride ‘The Dominator’ is said to have a ghost around it there are some small shops and eateries. Connecting two eateries is a corridor that leads into an old mining shaft. Reports say that a man appears and disappears at the door, along with that are strange noises and odd occurrences in the area.

The antique carousel there, also reported as haunted. A woman named Mrs Muller had a husband who carved the carousel horses. In 1917 he created one that she fell in love with and the horse spent 50 years on the road before being given a permanent place at Cedar Point’s Fronter Town in 1971. Legend says that she followed the carousel after her death, and at night when the park closed she would be there. It’s said that the lights would come on, presumably thanks to Mrs Mullar, and a ghost in white could be seen riding around on the carousel.

The ride then headed over to Dorney Park, and the stories carried on about this matter too. Reports keep coming in about lights being seen and it coming to life at night, the only other mystery? Her favourite horse never left Cedar Point and remains in a museum so it’s not clear as to why she might have followed.