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Yes, those things you got taught to draw as a kid, if you were like me you also enjoyed turning the corner of your schoolbooks into epic motion pictures of stick man adventures too.

There are reports of these creatures/men being seen as real entity’s, some more obscure reports mention them wearing a stick hat. The walk they adopt is a sort of lo-lope gait and are surprised when seen but have followed some of their more unfortunate witnesses.

There have so far been no reports of harm coming to someone and they tend to just disappear. There seems to be no tales for their origins and but a theory is they may have come from a 2D universe. I dounf one account, via Mike Dash’s book Borderlands, which stated two people were travelling across the All Road, Elveden in England and caught a glimpse of them in the headlights.

Stories about sightings have turned up since 2008. it might be another urban legend or creation like Slenderman, or an attempt to get something viral for a marketing campaign that never reached fruition. It seems that simple google searches bring up forums that show people willing to share experiences but I couldn’t see any good video’s or footage. I was reminded of a previous subject however, about the strange alien stick figures/nightcrawlers.


Right I am NOT skeptical whether aliens exist, I am not going to open the old can of worms. What I am is skeptical that they can reach here… imagine the issues. Even if you invented time travel I am sure there is someone far more reputable (and more scientific) that could explain why.

However I do so love these little things. The aliens ideas, the videos of the unknown etc…  This particular one I love.

I won’t speculate on how it’s been faked if it has because quite honestly I wouldn’t be able to. I mean there’s so much technology out there but when people are genuinely baffled it’s always awesome to see why.

The reason I like it I think is that I can watch it over and over to try and make more of the clip but in all honesty there is nothing new I could add. People have suggested that it’s robotics, pants and string, CGI maybe? I don’t know, what I do know is perhaps if they have found a way to do the impossible and get here they may have a brilliant sense of humour!

If they are not aliens I’d love to know what else you think they could be though.