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Ararat, Australia’s Lunatic Asylum opened in 1867 and was closed in 1998 before reopening again in 2001, as a campus administered by Australian College of Wine. The design was for a town, within a town, with gardens, orchards, vineyards, livestock and at it’s peak had over 500 staff with 63 buildings.

The decommissioning began in the early 90’s when patients began to be transferred to community living or to other facilities. It is now used for wine making and hospitality training but ghost tours operate in various sections of the buildings.

In 130 years its said around 130,000 people died, it was another place that would have used, what are now seen as, barbaric treatments. Consequently it’s seen as one of Australia’s paranormal hotspots.

Nurse Kenry is a ghost who hands around the women’s wing and is said to watch tour groups from one room more often than others.

Old Margaret is a former patient who was forced out in the early 1990’s, supposedly having known nothing else for most of her life, she returned after her death.

Crying, moaning and coldspots are reported throughout and some report banging noises in the former men’s wards despite there being no living inhabitants there any longer.

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Vancouver has an island with the HMCS anchored as a Canadian Naval Base, it’s a pretty looking island with a more sinister name, because there are tales of human sacrifice and slaughter attached to it.

Local legend has it that in the 1700’s two tribes of the North and South Salish tribe were at war, during one particularly fierce battle the Southern tribe took women, children and elders as hostages. They were marked for death, the Northern tribes had hoped for peaceful reconcile but they were cruelly slaughtered and more than 200 Northern warriors were killed.

After a while the stories were forgotten and it was a burial place for the Salish First Nations and then European settlers. John Morton was one of Vancouver’s first settlers to visit in 1862. He discovered 100’s of red cedar boxes tied up in the trees and one had fallen open, it revealed a pile of bones and a tassel of black hair.

The new settlers pushed the Salish away, they used the island and grounds for their own cemetery which meant they were disturbing native grounds. On the grounds they buried suicides, railway casualties, Chinese lepers, prostitutes and all manner of what might be unsavoury types. Victims of the Vancouver Fire and the smallpox epidemic were added there too.

Burials stopped in 1887, ghost strories did not. Tales of inhuman and blood-curdling screams being heard from the island have been recounted. Supposedly figures walking on the island in the fog, with red glowing eyes, are amongst the tales.

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Nocton Hall is an RAF deserted hospital it was built in 1940 but wasn’t used as it was too small for an RAF hospital. In 1945 it was chosen as the local RAF Hospital for Lincolnshire (England) and gained several new buildings before opening in in 1947. By 1983 the hospital was closed and then leased to the army for the Gulf War in 1984, 35 patients were treated there during that time. In 1994 it was officially shut down and has stood empty since 1995.

A grey lady has been said to roam the halls of the building and the RAF hospital grounds are said to be haunted by the patients. It seems less likely as it was not used for a particularly long time and there were few deaths on the site.

The main ghost legend attached to Nocton Hall seems to hold a fairly stereotypical type of history. That doesn’t mean I’ve put my ban-hammer on the idea, just that it seems frequent these types come up at large old homes and hospitals.

Nocton Hall had a sobbing ghost before it burnt down, the listed ruins then housed the RAF Hospital. The ghost of a young woman guests were sometimes awoken at 4.30am to see her stood at the end of the bed. She sobbed and mumbled incoherently about a ‘develish man’ and legend has it she was a servant girl who got pregnant by the owner’s son. This did not sit well with the young man so he disposed of her.

2007 May 26 - Nocton Hall Remains

It’s a fairly small area in Kent, England that comes with the title of Most Haunted Village in Britain and has at the least, twelve documented cases of hauntings. There are numerous reports, a history of tragic deaths and a speculation that the high magnetism that occurs in the ground naturally would be a contributing factor to the events.

The Pluckley brickworks are said to be haunted by a screaming man, who died when he was smothered by drying clay that fell on him. So spare a thought for Taylor Jay Smith.

A gypsy named Abigail Nicolas is said to haunt a crossroads bridge, where she used to sell watermelons. She set herself on fire by accident when a pipe spark set her alight and was fuelled by the whiskey she had been been drinking.

When visiting St Nicholas’ Church keep an eye out for the red or white lady, both are Dering family members that are buried in one of the seven lead lined coffins, lying within oak coffins. In the crypt the red lady was buried with a red rose and is searching for her new born son.

A conflict with the tales about the lead and oak coffins gives a similar tale about Kiralee the Dering White Lady, her husband (the Baron) was so distraught by her death that to prevent decay he had her buried in a lead and then oak coffin. Quite why this would lead to a haunting I cannot say but there might be more to the story that I couldn’t find, or again various tales have crossed over.

Still with me? Phew! So as well as this we have Robert Dubois who was a highwayman, he operated just outside at Stuart. He would hide behind a tree, known as Fright Corner, where he would then jump out and stun the victim. It was however a little too predictable after a while and a guard killed him, with a spear that pinned him to the tree. The tree has since disappeared from the location but it is said that Dubois and the tree appear, he then jumps out from behind it. It’s worth noting that I really gave this tale little regard myself as it was handed to us via the notoriously hammy Most Haunted.

Apparently a horse and carriage can be seen or heard going through the village at high speed on Maltmon’s Hill, there is no reason given for it. A monk haunts Greystones and may have been involved with the Lady of Rose court, but again I couldn’t see why this sparked a haunting, there must be more to the story than them simply appearing.

The story of the Colonel has a little more basis though and it is quite sad, the unnamed man travelled to Park Wood near the Village, he committed suicide by hanging himself. He is said to walk about there now, in his military regalia, hence his nickname. He seems quite harmless and often people are not aware at the time that he is a ghost and seem quite surprised to find this out later on.

The Pinnocks house has a windmill nearby and is allegedly haunted by Richard ‘Dicky’ Bus. The mill was closed down in 1930 and was destroyed by lightning. He usually turns up before a storm as a black silhouette. Perhaps he is trying to warn people of the storm?

The lady of Rose Court haunts the house Rose Court and may have been involved with the monk mentioned above as part of some love triangle. She committed suicide by ingesting poisonous berries and between 4-5pm can be heard calling her dogs.

Henry Tuff was once the headmaster of Smarden School, he was friends with Dicky and would visit him Sundays so that they could discuss politics. He went missing one day and was found on the land leading up to the mills were he had hung himself in a tree. His ghost is said to roam that area.

And lastly, yes I swear this is the end now, how about a visit into Pluckley Woods? Dering Woods is apparently also known as the screaming woods, because at night it is said that you can hear the screams of numerous people that got lost and died there.

So if you fancy a trip out do let me know if you experience anything or have in the past.

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‘The place has an eerie feel to it, the fact that things go wrong all the time and the fact our address is 666 is no co-incidence. There are mysterious forces at work here.’

Whilst perusing the internet I found an article, or few, about a firm of solicitors who are sure that the office is haunted due to the events going on, employees seem sure that they are being haunted by a dark force and those that are involved in the building are cursed with bad luck. The office is ran by Sarfraz Khan, LAC Solicitors are located at 666 Washwood Heath Road, Birmingham and he says that come 6pm everyone is right out of the door. Neither property next to theirs has reported any strange activity.

The Victorian era building is said to have a rather creepy feel to it and says that mysterious goings on are causing concern to the employees. He thinks that the 666 address is no coincidence and some believe that the “number of the beast” is behind it. The company specializes in disability grants, and one set of funding was £66,689 so he believes this may be linked to the 666 phenomenon. Sarfraz also explained that when they got their business account from TSB that 666 was in the account number.

Large puddles of water appear in areas where there is no sign of leaks, and dead flies end up inside light fittings and window edges. Maggots are sometimes found across the floor in one of the rooms. The mysterious visitor likes to move things including stationary and create strange noises. There has been an apparition of a woman spotted too; she seems to be a restless spirit that wanders the building making noises and leaving cold spots in her wake. Sarfraz has seen a white shadow cross the room once.

The heating system has a history of malfunctioning, despite regular maintenance and light bulbs that have been changed are known to blow within a couple of days of being fitted. Electrical malfunctions also include the internet crashing when there are no issues known, the main servers and phones going down when there is no fault on the line and the fax machines producing errors for no reason. They have had telephone calls where there is no one on the end of the line. Three technicians were brought in to try and iron out the strange glitches in the IT System, they went bankrupt months later. It seems that the paranormal activity at 666 has been linked to this unfortunate collapse of their business.

Safraz once nearly missed his flight to Germany; he had packed his passport and checked it several times before he set off. When he got to the airport he could not find it. He madly dashed back and it was lying there clear as day on the desk.

A colleague, Javirya Bibi, added that they had a car which was fine that morning, they parked outside of the office and when they went home the brakes felt loose. A mechanic said that the brakes had failed and that they were named Javirya had got to work that day, but they remain adamant that thee car was fine that morning.

Perhaps the most tragic story of the events is about the loss of a woman at the place. The firms five workers now refuse to work late after a woman in her 50’s did so and later that night died of a heart attack. The woman was in her 50’s and in fairly good health but her body was found slumped on the floor at the foot of her desk the following morning.

A psychic advised the staff they may be able to combat the curse by hanging religious artifacts on the walls but it seems that this has not abated the situation at all.

For me there are some mundane explanations for quite a bit of this, that are being attributed to the curse and whilst I may be wrong here is what I could surmise. They are looking for a link to the number 666; the grant is not a solely numbered 666 neither is the TSB account. I believe they are seeing something in it based on their predisposition to the number of the property.

Some other bits I think I can comment on based on personal experience, the calls with no one at the end may well be automated sales calls; they can take a while to cut in or if the systems on the sales sides are not working it produces a silent call. In regards to system glitches this happens to many companies, sadly this is usually down to a badly built network infrastructure, I can’t say without seeing it but it seems to be that if the technicians didn’t know enough then poor business planning might be more to do with the bankruptcy than a curse.

In regards to the car, I don’t know exactly what the mechanic saw, the details aren’t sufficient enough but a brake cable failure could cause a sudden stop. There are many mitigating circumstances so I am not entirely sure that parking the car there would cause it, however again I was not there and don’t have full details.

I sincerely hope that there is not a death associate with the paranormal side, sadly it may well just be a tragedy that the woman suffered a heart attack whilst at work. This may well, sadly, have been onset by things like the fear generated by the rumours. If anyone knows more, or has even worked there, I would be interested to know more.