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Byberry Mental Hospital was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was opened to the patients in 1907; it was a work farm from 1910-1920 until construction for a larger asylum was began and completed. Asylums were at a popular high and with it came more and more patients, Byberry was one such place. As the population of the patients grew so did the tales of patient abuse and neglect.

Without the right funds for the place the patients were left naked, starving and sleeping in sewage filled halls, not to mention the state of the hospital itself that was in disrepair. The patients would be huddled together in dingy rooms, they did not socialise correctly and they often had little to no supervision.  So imagine the stories of the very worst asylum treatments and you are probably close to their experience.

There were padded cells, they had restraints, they would use solitary confinements and physical punishment. This in turn went with the lobotomies and the electric shock. Byberry was known as a “real life house of horrors” and there were murders and suicides, the heavy handed regime was a part of many patients lives. In 1990 the doors of Byberry were closed by state authorities, there had been an investigation into the place and the awful conditions within its walls.

And so, here goes! There are many stories about Byberry and after it closed it invariably became a den for vagrants, delinquents and satanic cults. It also possibly would have had former inmates returning after it closed as they had no other place of knowledge and would have likely been institutionalized   Underneath the asylum there are catacomb like tunnels that give way to an urban legend, a violent and psychopathic patient hides in waiting with a large knife to slice the throats of anyone in his path.

Of course if that isn’t enough for you, do take note that apparently at some point the Satanic cultists have managed to open a doorway to hell, and here was me thinking Buffy had closed it at her school…

(I have found out that this place is now demolished but decided to post it anyway)

The Philadelphia Experiment was something I had read about years ago, named due to the location the experiments were carried out in. It is alleged that sometime in October 1943 was based on an aspect of “the unified field theory” which was a term coined by Albert Einstein.  They were trying to create an invisibility/cloaking device presumably for war etc.

The Eldridge was the ship that was involved, she was invisible, but not only that she appeared to teleport to Norfolk, Virginia over 200 miles away.  It is claimed that for some time she was visible to SS Andrew Furuseth’s men and then returned to site in Philadelphia.

Versions of the tales include shocking side effects for the crew, some were physically fused in the ship, some had mental disorders as a result and others simply vanished. There are other claims that those who did come back were brainwashed to maintain secrecy.

So if this was the case, how did it come to light? In 1955 Morris K Jeesup had a letter from Carlos Allende who wrote to say that he was serving on the SS Andrew Furuset , he said that they witnessed it and he said that had some details abut the missing crew.  Allende has been elusive to find at best, possibly because he fears for his life or because he was an invention in the hoax.

Jessup then tried to make money out of publishing books after the initial one, his follow up book failed to be accepted and the in 1958 his wife left.  Depressed and unstable he moved to New York, after returning to Florida he was involved in a serious accident and was slow to recover, he was found dead April 20th 1959 and his death was ruled a suicide.

Of course the idea of the experiment seems to contradict all knowledge about science and no Unified Field Theory exists though it is something to do with ongoing research.

So with lost ships and other things is this true? Or just a simple hoax that has been glorified by conspiracy theorists? The ship was supposed to have gone missing, it turned up as scrap metal thanks to a bureaucratic error.  With advances in science they have used “quantum teleportation” which only exists on the particle level. They cannot forsee it being for large scale projects which again lends little creedance to something from over 50 years ago.

Either way as a concept for a horror it certainly grabs me, and ranks high on the weird and wonderful factor.