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Denton which is about 20 miles away from Lexington, North Carolina has a locally famous legend about an abandoned house in a field at the back of the woods along the road. It was apparently the scene of a grizzly murder and the reason the house is now abandoned.

 So the story goes that a man came home and had for some reason snapped, he shot his wife outside the house and then went upstairs and shot himself. The blood was washed up from the outside and from the room in which he had committed suicide but it appeared again the next day and so after trying to clean it up numerous times it is apparently still there. It’s said the room upstairs is blocked off but from other sources I have found this is not necessarily the case.

 The notes that I have found are jumbled up however here’s what I have – There is a church nearby called Piney Grove and it’s about a mile or more from the main road away from that. Another source lists this as locally known as the Old Morgan Place but a Google search gave me little bar the original post I found about it. Another post says it’s off 64 just outside Asheboro and says that the house is in very bad shape.

 Access to the property is not by vehicle, not from any note I found. The drive has a cable across it and the terrain is rough thanks to trees (one of which may well have fallen into the place), you can walk around and there are numerous notes to say that EVP’s etc have been found. 

A Facebook Gallery from some people that have visited