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Lancashire is my home county, so let’s mention a ghost or few! Chingle Hall is described as one of the most haunted places in England, it’s a place with a lot of history back to the 13th Century. It was a place for sanctuary of the Roman Catholic priests, and there are priest hides there where they would try to avoid prosecution. The authorities would come in there and take those they found away to be killed.

With mystery movements of furniture or other strange occurrences the places spooks are documented. A radio producer spent the night there, the old floorboards were seen to be springing as someone walked across, he and his other companions state they saw a solid figure of a monk who drifted off and they found a priests hide.

There are so many happenings at the place that researchers are quite regularly brought in. With some photographs of vague misty outlines, weird anomalies and the key point is that many of them come from visitors who had not seen anything at the time, though of course many could likely be analysed as faults/badly taken photo’s… As with all anecdotal evidence it’s down to personal belief.

Two women feature more, one of the old owner who loved the place so much she did not want to leave. She is affectionately known as the Grey Lady. She’s even let people in and given them late night tours. Margaret Howarth was the name she gave to students and when they went to the local pub they were told she was dead.

Eleanor Singleton was allegedly imprisoned and abused at a young age by one of her uncles. She was locked in a room in the Hall and subjected to sexual abuse, many aborted children, four that did breath also died. The last one was deformed and spelt her end.  Women in particular report that the room makes them feel somewhat sick, some are left in tears as they walk away. The oppressive atmosphere has been noted by many visitors.

I vote we send in these guys 🙂

This is a commune in Languedoc in southern France. Celtic tribes regard the place as a sacred site. In 1362 the population was wiped out by the plague. The town was destroyed by Catalan bandits, so it remained the small and mystical village that it is today. It has become an international tourist spot for conspiracy theorists, with alleged buried treasure discovered by it’s 19th Century Priest but due to the conflicting accounts it is met with skepticism.

Bérenger Saunière the priest was also summoned for an ecclesiastical trial for conducting Simony and was suspended from the priesthood, he was found guilty and failed to produce his account books, he also refused to attend his trial. This marred history of the fellow again puts his accounts of the treasure into jeopardy. 17th January 1917, at the age of 65, suffered a stroke and died five days later. The reason I mention that part is that he mentioned something in his confession to his priest on his deathbed that meant the priest refused to administer last rites to Sauniére.

Interest has again been brought to light with the popularity of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. A rumour surfaced thanks to a local restaurant owner who told anyone interested that Bérenger had discovered parchments whilst renovating the church in 1892, the treasure was something to do with Blanche of Castile and consisted of 28, 2000,000 gold pieces that had been assembled together to pay the ransom of Saint Louis. It is also worth noting that there have been excavations but no one has confirmed any traces of the treasure.