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(Sydney, Australia) As people arrived to colonise Australia it was important to minimise the disease, smallpox, plague etc.. reaching the island. A quarantine facility was implemented and an act passed in 1832 meant the quarantine station was there to protect the people for over 100 years. 1828-1984 the station was open in some way or another.

At peak times people would run out of space, camps would be made outside for residents. It could be a miserable experience and healthy people would help with cleaning and constructions just to break the monotony.

Lady McNaughton was a typhoid riddled ship which came with 54 dead in 1837. A further 13 died in the station. Captain Stokes of the Beagle also wrote that it was possible to identify the station by the White Crosses littered around it.

It is still like a city in itself and there are regular tourists, and not surprisingly there are ghost tours in operation.

There are stories of doctors, nurses and disembodied patients that return to haunt the place. There are three cemeteries that now are overgrown or demolished and no doubt some of those buried suffered as they passed from awful sicknesses too. Cold spots and feelings of being touched are reports that have come back.

Park rangers have historically reported ghostly lights or figures in unoccupied hallways and rooms of the building, they have then gone into to investigate only to find that there is no-one there. A common tale from visitors is about a little girl who sometimes holds a tourists hand, or people can join the group, only to later realise that no child was in the tour group.

Another story from the Australian Ghost Hunters Society was that a woman on the tour went to the mortuary with the group. She looked pale and concerned at the end of the tour and when asked why she said she had seen a body on the slab. It was not a prank, she said only she had seemed to see it, and he turned to her. He said “Look what they’ve done to me! Look what they’ve done to me!” he then exposed an incision from his throat to his naval. It was an experience she would never forget.

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The Philadelphia Experiment was something I had read about years ago, named due to the location the experiments were carried out in. It is alleged that sometime in October 1943 was based on an aspect of “the unified field theory” which was a term coined by Albert Einstein.  They were trying to create an invisibility/cloaking device presumably for war etc.

The Eldridge was the ship that was involved, she was invisible, but not only that she appeared to teleport to Norfolk, Virginia over 200 miles away.  It is claimed that for some time she was visible to SS Andrew Furuseth’s men and then returned to site in Philadelphia.

Versions of the tales include shocking side effects for the crew, some were physically fused in the ship, some had mental disorders as a result and others simply vanished. There are other claims that those who did come back were brainwashed to maintain secrecy.

So if this was the case, how did it come to light? In 1955 Morris K Jeesup had a letter from Carlos Allende who wrote to say that he was serving on the SS Andrew Furuset , he said that they witnessed it and he said that had some details abut the missing crew.  Allende has been elusive to find at best, possibly because he fears for his life or because he was an invention in the hoax.

Jessup then tried to make money out of publishing books after the initial one, his follow up book failed to be accepted and the in 1958 his wife left.  Depressed and unstable he moved to New York, after returning to Florida he was involved in a serious accident and was slow to recover, he was found dead April 20th 1959 and his death was ruled a suicide.

Of course the idea of the experiment seems to contradict all knowledge about science and no Unified Field Theory exists though it is something to do with ongoing research.

So with lost ships and other things is this true? Or just a simple hoax that has been glorified by conspiracy theorists? The ship was supposed to have gone missing, it turned up as scrap metal thanks to a bureaucratic error.  With advances in science they have used “quantum teleportation” which only exists on the particle level. They cannot forsee it being for large scale projects which again lends little creedance to something from over 50 years ago.

Either way as a concept for a horror it certainly grabs me, and ranks high on the weird and wonderful factor.