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My previous post  – 11th January  I posted about a town in Pennsylvania, and the link to the ever popular Silent Hill films and games. I said I expected I would revisit this one and here I am. This time however it’s due to the fact I got to visit the town and have recently watched the new Silent Hill film in 3d, Revelations.

We drove out to the town late afternoon, it was quite a trek to get there from Connecticut, and it was pretty cold as it was mid-November. As of 2010 there were 10 residents listed in the area and it was definitely an area that felt abandoned as we walked through, I think we had driven in from the other side of the town remnants and I don’t know where they may have lived exactly given how sparse it all looked.

The zipcode for this has been removed but if you google it you can find it, and once you get nearby there are still road signs for the town.

Jonathan Faust opened the Bulls Head Tavern  there in 1841, it was named Roaring Creek Township back then and was known as Centreville until 1865, it was pretty much a mining town until 1960’s, and was according to sources mined until around 1982. The man that laid out the towns plans was Alexander Rea and he was murdered in 1868.

Somewhere along the lines the underground fire started and it was pretty much the end of the town. People were relocated and the steam was coming up from the ground, then in 2009 governor Ed Rendell began the formal eviction. From Wikipedia it also says that the nearby Byrnesville was evacuated but doesn’t appear to have any other mention about if there is something left there to visit like there is for Centralia.

Most of the buildings of Centralia have been demolished, on the backdrop however stands St Mary’s Church which appears to have been unaffected by the fire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still used for its intended purpose as a church with services and tended gardens. It does make for a rather creepy backdrop against the woods out alone there on the hill.

We went to see Route 61 which is the abandoned highway, it’s cracked and messed up. There is graffiti on there where people come to visit, and although it is not possible to drive down it many people walk along it and investigate the area. The last of the fires might take up to 250 years to burn out but by then I believe nature could have claimed a lot of the area back.

One of my favourite games with survival horror is Silent Hill, and one of the more famous icon monsters is Pyramid Head. He’s a fantastic icon for the Silent Hill game, specifically the second one, though I am prone to agree with critics that the poor guys got re-hashed too often due to fans.

James Sunderland is the main character who comes to town due to a letter from his dead wife. Pyramid Head himself is also known as “Red Pyramid Thing”, ‘Bogeyman’, ‘Triangle Head’ or in our house for a while it was ‘bucket head dude’.

He is there seemingly to represent James’ wish to be punished over his wife’s death. The creature that stalks him has no voice, no face and is a warped vision of torture in the town. The butcher’s apron and large knife he drags along, swinging in a cumbersome but deadly manner ensure that the fear factor runs high.

I’ll be honest with my comment here, that I feel Homecoming was the worst of the series. For me it just didn’t hold the same vibe and the over indulgent violence and combat detracted from the fear that drew me  in but one thing I did like is the way PH appeared. He appears as a cut scene through the Grant Hotel (an iconic spot in the games) and whilst there was no need to go to war with the thing the cut scene was pretty cool! However he is referred to as the Bogeyman not PH himself.

Gamespot placed him akin to the Leatherface antagonist from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He is a hideous creature and made worse by the inability to attribute him to a human face. Outside of this comparison other comments that catch the eye are about a scene where the brutal rape of two other monsters appears, the idea of confronting this barbaric subject within the game seemed unsettling but again, remember, Silent Hill is based on nightmares.

I have included my speed paint of Pyramid head below but also surfed the net to find a good Pyramid Head cut scene. I hope you enjoy them.