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Gold Hill, Oregon, has a roadside attraction with a series of interesting effects that sceptics describe as optical illusions but the attraction’s owners claim they are paranormal in original. Well they would wouldn’t they?

The locals say a gold laboratory office built there in 1904 slid from its foundations somewhere in the early 1910’s. It came to rest at an odd angle, because of this it looks like objects roll up hill, much like the Mystery Spot in California. Another effect is that two people can change their heights standing next to one another, but some of the investigators put this down to the backdrop and another clever illusion.

The TV show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files certainly put the phenomena’s down to illusions. In Supernatural, Sam Winchester also mentions this in Season Three.

Either way it sounds like it’s a fun place to visit.


Derek Bentley was the cause of outcry because it was considered to be a miscarriage of justice against the 19 year-old. Bentley was executed in 1953 and it was reported he came back to haunt the bedroom of his family home. The family dog would react to his presence and they would find the bedclothes in his room disturbed.

He was a retarded 19 year old (mentally aged around 11) and was convicted alongside 16 year old Christopher Craig. They were accused of the murder of PC Sidney Miles, Craig fired the shot as they were trying to rob a warehouse, the words he shouted were apparently “Let him have it Chris!”. He was old enough to be sent to the gallows and this was carried out despite many attempts to have the decision overturned.

In 1998 his murder conviction was quashed as it was determined that he had been denied fair trial. Perhaps Bentley just wanted to hear his name cleared before he could move on?

The subject of hanging is already pretty gruesome in itself but imagine the old area being haunted. There are said to be plenty of lovely headless ex kings and queens around the world so is it surprising that with such a traumatic type of death the dead tend to “hang around” (oh yes shoot me the pun was awful). Public hanging would seem to have been the norm back in the day, whilst it was moved back behind the prison walls around the 1860’s possibly to reduce the amount of corpses left around the gibbets for years.

Perhaps one of the most famous for those in England is that of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in England in 1956. Ellis was found guilty after shooting her lover on the Easter Sunday the year before. Her ghost is said to haunt the pub there, The Magdala in Hampstead, London.

There is another link to her haunting as her lover is buried at the Penn Churchyard and there have been reports of a woman in white around the area. It’s possible it is her ghost searching him out but there is nothing to say that it definitely is, and the woman in white is a fairly common phenomenon. Also I would be a little sceptical as she is buried in Amersham Cemetery ( I would expect with her head but hey who knows!).

Another report (thanks to the fantastic Fortean Times) has a man called John Ellis who was reportedly haunting B-wing in the former condemned block at Strangeways Prison. The staff at the prison have also reported seeing a mysterious man in a dark suit with a briefcase who disappears just before the old staircase (made of iron). He has also been put forwards as a potential for an invisible force that pushed the owner on the shoulder and pinched her bottom, the reason he may have visited there is that he used to run a barber’s shop at the premises. John Ellis committed suicide after seeing the execution of Edith Thompson in 1923 and having found the matter so distressing he never recovered.

Video is Styx, Renegade music and the scene is from Supernatural.

“Hangman is coming down from the Gallows and I don’t have very long.”

The infamous Dr Crippen, 23rd November 2010 marked his 100th year since his execution. Hawley Harvey Crippen supposedly haunts the Pentonville Prison where he was hanged and interred for the murder of his wife. They say a “bespectacled, sorrowful figure” is seen standing around the unmarked grave.

Crippen was a homeopathic physician and salesman, he was convicted of the murder of his wife Cora Henrietta Crippen. He was also notably the first criminal to be caught with the use of wireless communication. His first wife died of a stroke and his son was entrusted to his parents care. He met Cora in New York, who had the stage name Belle Elmore and had very open affairs.

In 1897 Crippen and his spouse moved to England, he was not however considered qualified to practise in the UK and so worked as a distributor of patent medicines. He was sacked by his manager in 1899 as he spent more time working on his wife’s stage career than doing his job. Having moved around various places they settled in Holloway, London where a lodger was brought in to supplement the meagre wages. Cora decided that the lodger was appealing and in turn Crippen took Le Neve (young typist in the firm he worked for) as his mistress.

January 31st, 1910 there was a party at their home and Cora disappeared, he claimed that she had returned home to California and later on added she had died and been cremated. Le Neve began to wear Cora’s clothes and jewellery, the police first became aware of the disappearance when Cora’s friend (a strongwoman known as Vulcana) reported it. Friends in high places led to more requests for investigations and a house search was made but nothing was found.

The police seemed satisfied but Crippen and Le Neve did not seem to know this and fled in panic to Brussels. They went on a pacific liner the SS Montrose destined for Canada. Inspector Water Dew then ordered a further three searches of the house, and on the fourth they found human remains buried under the brick floor of the basement. The body contained traces of a calming drug, the corpse was identified by a piece of skin but the head, limbs and skeleton were never recovered.

Meanwhile Crippen and Le Neve were disguised on board the ship when a wireless telegram was sent out to British Authorities saying they suspected Crippen of London cellar murder and his accomplice was aboard the ship. Perhaps if he had travelled third class he would never have been spotted but Dew boarded a faster White Star liner and headed off to intercept them. Dew boarded the ship disguised as a passenger and followed him over to Canada. Canada meant that they could arrest him without the need for extradite as they were still part of the English Empire at that time.

When Dew announced who he was Dr Crippen was relieved and had expressed how the suspense was really too much. He held out his arms to enable the handcuffs to be placed on him and Crippen was returned to England on the SS Megantic.

Both suspects were tried separately at the London assizes and stated that they could not formally identify the remains as male or female but they had been able to locate abdominal scar tissue that matched Cora’s medical history. The drug found in the remains matched one that Crippen had brought from a local chemist.

The defence maintained that Cora had fled to America with another man, Bruce Miller, and suggested the previous owner could be something to do with the remains in the house. They also stated the marks on the skin were just folded tissue. The prosecution continued with a pyjama top that Crippen owned, it was not found but the bottoms were in his bedroom and a fragment of the fabric was found with the remains, the prosecution stated that the type he wore were not made before 1908 and so it would not have been the former owners to blame for the human remains.

Throughout the proceedings Dr Crippen showed no sign of remorse, he also showed no concern for his wife but showed concern for his lover’s reputation. After only 27 minutes the jury returned with a verdict of guilty and he was hanged. His grave, as previously mentioned, is unmarked and perhaps one of the reasons his ghost still lingers is that he is waiting for his innocence to be declared… however that is unlikely to happen as in 2009 the court of appeal said they would not hear the case to posthumously pardon him.

The 1962 feature film Dr. Crippen stars Donald Pleasance in the lead role.  His story is also retold in a Broadway musical One Touch of Venus.  He even boasts a waxwork model at Madame Tussauds in London!

Lancashire is my home county, so let’s mention a ghost or few! Chingle Hall is described as one of the most haunted places in England, it’s a place with a lot of history back to the 13th Century. It was a place for sanctuary of the Roman Catholic priests, and there are priest hides there where they would try to avoid prosecution. The authorities would come in there and take those they found away to be killed.

With mystery movements of furniture or other strange occurrences the places spooks are documented. A radio producer spent the night there, the old floorboards were seen to be springing as someone walked across, he and his other companions state they saw a solid figure of a monk who drifted off and they found a priests hide.

There are so many happenings at the place that researchers are quite regularly brought in. With some photographs of vague misty outlines, weird anomalies and the key point is that many of them come from visitors who had not seen anything at the time, though of course many could likely be analysed as faults/badly taken photo’s… As with all anecdotal evidence it’s down to personal belief.

Two women feature more, one of the old owner who loved the place so much she did not want to leave. She is affectionately known as the Grey Lady. She’s even let people in and given them late night tours. Margaret Howarth was the name she gave to students and when they went to the local pub they were told she was dead.

Eleanor Singleton was allegedly imprisoned and abused at a young age by one of her uncles. She was locked in a room in the Hall and subjected to sexual abuse, many aborted children, four that did breath also died. The last one was deformed and spelt her end.  Women in particular report that the room makes them feel somewhat sick, some are left in tears as they walk away. The oppressive atmosphere has been noted by many visitors.

I vote we send in these guys 🙂