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Pérez was a Spanish soldier with a rather curious claim and the rise of a story that leads me to choose him for this blog.

Pérez was a soldier of a Filipino Civil Guard who suddenly, it is said, appeared in the Plaza Major of Mexico City on 24th October, 1593. It was over 9,000 nautical miles from his origination in Manila. He was wearing the uniform of guards in the Philippines and he calmed that he had no idea how he had ended up in Mexico.

It also transpired that moments before he arrived there, his excellency the Governer of the Philippines, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas had been killed by Chinese pirates. After a lengthy period on duty Pérez had felt faint, leaned against a wall and closed his eyes. He opened them to find he was no longer in Manila but apparently in Mexico.

So what happened? Apparently two months later news came from the Philippines via a Manila Galleon, the axing of his excellency as well as other facts that could be confirmed about the soldiers story. Also one of the passengers recognised Pérez, eventually he went back and took up his old position as a palace guard and then led an uneventful life.

So it is a good story but there are a couple of things I am compelled to mention. Historical records put the Guardia Civil as forming in 1868, it seems that the date varies for the killing too from 23rd, 24th and 25th.