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Right I am NOT skeptical whether aliens exist, I am not going to open the old can of worms. What I am is skeptical that they can reach here… imagine the issues. Even if you invented time travel I am sure there is someone far more reputable (and more scientific) that could explain why.

However I do so love these little things. The aliens ideas, the videos of the unknown etc…  This particular one I love.

I won’t speculate on how it’s been faked if it has because quite honestly I wouldn’t be able to. I mean there’s so much technology out there but when people are genuinely baffled it’s always awesome to see why.

The reason I like it I think is that I can watch it over and over to try and make more of the clip but in all honesty there is nothing new I could add. People have suggested that it’s robotics, pants and string, CGI maybe? I don’t know, what I do know is perhaps if they have found a way to do the impossible and get here they may have a brilliant sense of humour!

If they are not aliens I’d love to know what else you think they could be though.