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Prague, Czech Republic has the famous Old Jewish Cemetery that lies in Josefov, the Jewish Quarter. The cemetery has evidence of its use from the 15th Century and was used up until 1787. It’s not possible to get an exact number of burials but estimates suggest around 12,000 tombs but maybe up to 100,000 burials in total.

The cemetery is crammed with headstones, with the the oldest identified as the rabbi and poet Avigdor Kara from 1439. It’s possible it was in use before his however.

Due to the instructions in the Harakha it’s not possible for the Jewish to remove headstones or to destroy the graves, so the headstones were moved then a layer of soil placed upon the old graves and the headstones then replaced on the new layer. There are 12 layers in the graveyard.

Conspiracy theorists say that this is the secret meeting place for the Elders of Zion, and that this is where the New World Order ideal was created. This information was first mentioned in Hermann Goedsche’s novel. Umberto Eco wrote a novel in 2010 write The Prague Cemetery novel and refers to this within it.