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One of the most famous areas of the air base in Okinawa, Japan, is building 2283. The building is a single-unit family home that is sat in the residential area for mid-grade officers and a day care centre sits next to it. It stopped being used for it’s main function some time ago, now it is uninhabited and serves as a storage facility.

Tour guides in the area tell about the murder of former residents, about the water facets or lights turning on and off of their own accord. Another story tells of a Samurai apparition that rides through the house, and another of a woman who has been seen washing her hair in the utility sink.

Despite little to no evidence of the deaths at the building the horror stories continue. One of them also includes the story about a teenage girl that was stabbed to death by her step-father, and as an island with a vast history for those in the area it’s not surprise they continue to surface.

A tomb across the street from the house is said to be that of an old Okinawa Samurai, perhaps that area was part of the same estate in days gone by and that might be an explanation as to where the story has risen from.