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I decided that if you find it hard work slogging through all of my writing but you might like to try an alternative…

Video’s might be the way…


The story of a missing woman has featured on The Oprah Winfrey a Show, 48 Hours, Unsolved Mysteries, A Current Affair and also America’s Most Wanted as it is believed she was kidnapped when she was reported missing on 20th September, 1988. She was near here home in Belen, New Mexico when the disappearance occurred.

The 19 year old followed her customary routine of a bike ride, where she told her mother to come and fetch her if she was not back by noon, her mother Patty Doel contacted the police when she could not find her. Her bike has never been found, and the only evidence of her in the area was her tape and some pieces of her walkman. A Ford pick-up might  have been part of the incident, it was seen by witnesses but this has never been located either.

A photograph then surfaced in 1989, it was of a young girl and boy. The girl was Tara Calico according to her mother and Scotland Yard but the Las Alamos National Laboratory did not agree and the FBI said it was inconclusive.

Twenty years after her disappearance the Valencia County Sheriff said he knew what had happened. Rene Riviera said that boys who had known her from school had driven up behind her and an accident had occured. When Calico died they covered up the crime, and Riviera even went so far as to say that he knew who they were but with no body or evidence he could not do anything more. Her father said the statement should not have been made, no one has been named and it sounds like conjecture without any facts to back it up. So far the mystery and case remain unsolved.

The author of the video does correct his mistake for the year she disappeared.

A large explosion was  caused by the impact of a small asteroid (or comet) in the area of what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. It is the largest impact on Earth, that has been recorded in history. It occurred 30th June 1908.

There have been around a thousand scholastic studies about the impact and it’s site. The energy the event generated was about a thousand times larger then the atomic bomb that was dropped at Hiroshima, Japan.

Those in the area reported seeing a column of bright bluish light, ten minutes later there was a flash and sound like artillery fire. A shock wave caused people to be knocked off their feet and broke windows, hundreds of kilometres away.

Dr Who fans may recognise mention of the event in the novel, The Wages of Sin.

Comic fans from the DC side might also note that it was used in #199 Justice League of America.


Edit: This was also used with reference to the band Metallica’s video, All Nightmare Long. The video does not feature the band and instead features a series of historical events following the 1908 event. Band member Kirk Hammett claimed to have brought the film from a fan for $5 but then forgot about ut, later on having picked it up again he found a new fascination in it and arrange for a translation. The story was later revealed to be more fictional and used to hype the video (sort of Blair Witch style I guess).

If you want to see their video then CLICK here as unfortunately their official copy does not allow for embedding. Enjoy!

My previous post  – 11th January  I posted about a town in Pennsylvania, and the link to the ever popular Silent Hill films and games. I said I expected I would revisit this one and here I am. This time however it’s due to the fact I got to visit the town and have recently watched the new Silent Hill film in 3d, Revelations.

We drove out to the town late afternoon, it was quite a trek to get there from Connecticut, and it was pretty cold as it was mid-November. As of 2010 there were 10 residents listed in the area and it was definitely an area that felt abandoned as we walked through, I think we had driven in from the other side of the town remnants and I don’t know where they may have lived exactly given how sparse it all looked.

The zipcode for this has been removed but if you google it you can find it, and once you get nearby there are still road signs for the town.

Jonathan Faust opened the Bulls Head Tavern  there in 1841, it was named Roaring Creek Township back then and was known as Centreville until 1865, it was pretty much a mining town until 1960’s, and was according to sources mined until around 1982. The man that laid out the towns plans was Alexander Rea and he was murdered in 1868.

Somewhere along the lines the underground fire started and it was pretty much the end of the town. People were relocated and the steam was coming up from the ground, then in 2009 governor Ed Rendell began the formal eviction. From Wikipedia it also says that the nearby Byrnesville was evacuated but doesn’t appear to have any other mention about if there is something left there to visit like there is for Centralia.

Most of the buildings of Centralia have been demolished, on the backdrop however stands St Mary’s Church which appears to have been unaffected by the fire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still used for its intended purpose as a church with services and tended gardens. It does make for a rather creepy backdrop against the woods out alone there on the hill.

We went to see Route 61 which is the abandoned highway, it’s cracked and messed up. There is graffiti on there where people come to visit, and although it is not possible to drive down it many people walk along it and investigate the area. The last of the fires might take up to 250 years to burn out but by then I believe nature could have claimed a lot of the area back.

Martha was murdered August 7th 1888 and does not belong to the “canon” 5 Jack the Ripper victims however she is included as one of the potentials and so I’ve decided she should get a mention due to her having been considered by some as a forerunner to the main event.

Martha, in her late 30’s, hung around with another prostitute the night before, known in the local area as Pearly Poll. They met two guardsmen and headed off around the local pubs of Whitechapel Road. At some point in the evening the four broke off into couples and after bargaining their prices for their services they took off. Martha took her john over to the arch that led to George Yard (for travelling tourists this is now Gunthorpe Street) this isolated area would be a good spot for a quick service, often known as four-penny knee tremblers. There were cheap apartments nearby at the George Yard Buildings for the poor, and the lights out at 11pm made the dark area perfect for the prostitutes work.

Mrs Hewitt was the wife of the buildings superintendent and she saw nothing on her way home from a celebratory evening with friends. This is hardly surprising though as the area is unlit, there was nothing to see, quite literally. At half past three that morning a taxi driver, Alfred George Crow, spots someone lying on the landing but thought no more of it, the area meant nothing would have been too unusual about it. After 5am John Saunders (labourer) saw her and this time was able to see that there was a pool of blood. He found a patrolling policeman (Constable T Barrett) who sent for a medic. She was pronounced dead having been brutally murdered.

The victim had 39 stab wounds from her throat to her lower abdomen. There were two blades used and it was ruled out that rape was the motive. There had been no sexual assault, it was vicious and without sound, the latter part being very unusual given the wounds inflicted. It was savage and shocking, but it is debatable if she was a ripper victim though investigating officers at the time felt that she was.

Taking the details at face value it doesn’t necessarily suggest she was due to the missing aspect of the mutilations. However there is some commonality in that she was attached in her throat and abdomen as the ripper had been identified to do on the other five accepted as canonical. I also think it is worth bearing in mind that as with many serial killers it has been found they escalate with their crimes and poor Martha may have been the “test run”.